Spartan + Thor = Misery

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/26/2018

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (): Pitstop, Jackalope, FNG Giants, Lumberg, TO, FNG Princess, Krugar, Miller Time, Ha-Ha, Zima, Devito, Lowes, Legos

On this gloomy Tuesday,  13 Pax answered the call, no doubt driven by their desire to work on their beach bodies.  And who was YHC to stop them! F3 is all about supporting your fellow man, so YHC dialed up a workout geared toward that super hero physique.

The Warm Up

After a full and lengthy disclaimer (special thanks to Devito for filling in the gaps for our two FNGs) we moseyed over to the field above the playground for a modified Bridge over the Nest.  Partner one began with a bear crawl across the field, while Partner two completed 10 SSH, 10 Weed pickers, and 10 Hill Billies.  Once P2 completed these exercises, he ran to the fence and back to P1 to relieve them from his bear crawl duty.  P1 then ran back to the start to repeat P2’s activities.  Continued until all groups completed their bear crawl to the fence and back.

Next we started our mosey towards the Field of Dreams, with a quick pitstop at the playground.  As each PAX reached the first Bridge, they began the following exercises across the playground: 10 star jumps at the bridge, 10 Swerkins, 10 pull-ups, 10 burpees.  Flutter kicks at the second bridge for the 6, then continue on to the FOD.

The Thang

Spartan bodies demand a spartan workout. YHC had the crew line up on the third base line for a Spartan 150. Sprint to the warning track, complete 15 merkins, mosey back.  Completed 10 sets for a total of 150 merkins.  Kudos to Miller Time for pushing the group.


After three previous failures running the Q, YHC was finally able to schedule in some Mary!  With the legs and arms sufficiently gassed and 10 minutes left, Captain Thor paid the PAX a visit.  1:4 ratio of BBS to American Hammers (two count), all the way up to 10:40.  Misery.


-Welcome FNG Princess and FNG Giants! Strong showing!

-Any one interested in heading to Puerto Rico to do the Lords work, contact Ha-ha.  If you’re unable to make it, don’t forget about the Yeti raffle, which helps support your F3 brothers and the people devastated by last year’s hurricanes.

-Good luck Pitstop, who is headed to Yosemite to take Halfdome!

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