Plenty of Plates to Celebrate

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/27/2018

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (): Aflac, I-Beam, Scar, Bieber, FNG-Josh, Goat, Bronco, Zima, Switch, Doogie, Polaroid, Blue, Circus, Sell Out, Booter, Fondue Guy, Thumper, Squeegee, Miller Time, Corn Hole, TP, Sparky, Swamp Donkey, Jackalope, Haggis, Sprocket

With my birthday falling two days before America’s I’m no stranger to the celebratory cookout; and even the most novice outdoor host knows that plastic cutlery is a must. Sticking with that theme, I thought this was the perfect time for our old friends to make an appearance. Upon reviewing the Wreck’s attendance numbers of late I decided that 60 plastic plates should cover the PAX. I was over by six when 26 HIM’s and one FNG met me in the gloom for my 34th Birthday Q.

While gathered around the flag waiting for time, Sprocket runs up grinning ear to ear. Not unusual, but he was WAY to happy to get this beat down going. I soon learned that he was planning to drop his 20 lb restrictor plate in my lap. A tradition that should be set in stone moving forward. Luckily, his vest had a couple malfunctions and I didn’t have to pick up the weight until 15 minutes in. 5:30 AM hits and we get started.

Warm Up:
15x SSH IC
15x Toy Solider IC
10x Cotton Picker IC
10x Windmill IC

The Thang
34 Burpees in place… one for every year on the planet. LBC’s for the six then we mosey to the gridiron for some flatware fun.

Two saucers distributed to each PAX circled up around Q. We perform the below OYO:
34x Split Jacks (single count)
34x Staggered Merkin (single count / hands on plates)
34x Arm slide out (hands on plates)
Flutter kicks for the six

34x Side knee tuck (single count / feet on plates)
34x Knees to chest (feet on plates)
34x Mountain Climbers (2 count / feet on plates)
Dying cockroach for the six

PAX lines up on the goal line for suicides. Sprocket got the vest fixed…

With plates on feet, Slinky to 34-yard line. Sled back to goal line with plates on hands. Q could have called inch worm, but details are spotty and testimonials unreliable. The slinky is a modified bear crawl: in bear crawl position, extend arms out, then pull legs in. Keep legs strait. Do not extend all the way out as in an Inch Worm… we will have more opportunities to practice.

With plates on hands, sled to 34-yard line and back.

10 count. Q needed a 10 count.

Mosey to concession stand for Last Man Standing Balls to the Wall… it was I-Beam. I believe Miller Time could have stayed the course but chose to bow out so the PAX was not standing around any longer. I-Beam calls for one more progression before we mosey to the flag.

Simple 7’s: Donkey Kicks to Sumo Squats

Aflac calls Bernie Sanders to the flag! Takes us up BA hill and the Q/six comes in right at 6:15 AM.


  • Q Sheet for Hogwallow is live, sign up and get cha run on
  • July 4 beatdown will start at 7 AM. Come ready to mosey around Roswell with Aflac for 90 minutes to celebrate `Merica.
  • Wreck shirt order is live here. Deadline is July 6.
  • Welcome Heisenberg (FNG-Josh)!

Pleasure to serve you guys!

-SmackDown out.

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