No planning necessary

AO: The Hooche

When: 06/27/2018

QIC: Scrooge

PAX (): Sunshine, Boomer, El Matador, Jimbo, Scrooge

YHC fell asleep on the couch last night so this one didn’t have as much pain planning as usual…. however, by the time we got in the middle of Thang 2, it was hurting.


SSH – it’s amazing how much these hurt after 115 pull-ups courtesy of Nacho on Monday

Weed Pickers



We moseyed to the PC parking lot for a couple rounds of Four Corners:

1: 10 high-knee jump squats

2: 20 Merkins

3: 30 LBCs

4: 40 Squats

We then moseyed to the fire pit for two rounds of:

10 Derkins

10 Box Jumps

20 Dips


Short mosey over to the hill by PC for an unpleasant round of 11’s.  Starting at the bottom with 1 burpee and bear crawl to the top of the hill for LBC’s.  Then mosey around the sidewalk back down to the bottom the hill for next round.  As usual, Boomer and El Matador were machines and by the time round 10 showed up, it was time to head back to the flag.

Indian-run back to the flag for a little ATW Mary starting with LBCs, Dolly, Gas Pumpers and Dying Cockroach.


Prayers for families with sick kids and also Sneakers on the job front.  YHC shared how thankful I am for these guys and how without them knowing it, they are an answer to prayer for me from over year ago.

Coffeeteria followed….

Always a pleasure to Q and be with these brothers!

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