Little Happy Ball

AO: The Shadow

When: 06/26/2018

QIC: Leon

PAX (): Seles, Fist Founder, Chopper, Fireballs, Billboard, Snake Oil

7 Hearty souls converged on a truly muggy DHS lot for an impromptu Leon serving of Beatdown.  Q Stayed awake from 4 on trying to figure out how to organize it.  A bit tired today, though satisfied I and my F3 bros. got the workout they deserved.

With that, here’s the Thang:

Line up the far end of the parking lot for the following:  (Up to the Lamp post and back-approx. 25 yards each way.)

Butt-Kickers, High Knees, Karaokes, Backwards Mosey, Mosey 1/2 way-2 Burpess on the way up-2 on the Way back-Mosey back to start.

Circle up around the Lamppost:

SSH -15 IC, Imperials Wakers-15 IC, Low Slow Squats-15 IC, Run-Stand-Switch-15 IC, Windmills-10 IC

Warm up done!

Mosey to front of DHS entrance (by picnic tables)….”Oh what’s this?” A 10lb Medicine Ball just lying here, what shall we do?   Cherokee Run, with the last doing Diamond Merkins of back with the hands positioned on the kettle ball.  Run to the front with the ball and hand to next person. Carefully pass the ball back in line while running until it reaches the last man,…repeat until we hit the traffic light on Mt. Vernon.  “If anyone drops the ball and PAX does 10 Burpees- on the spot.  Ball was slick, but a great showing by the Pax to keep the ball off the ground.

Mosey to St. Luke’s lot for 50-100-150s:  5 sets of 10-20-30 Merkins, LBC’s, Low Flutters.

Finish and line up for 3 sets of Bear Crawls and Inch Worms together for 30 yards .

Mosey back to Mt. Vernon.  Cherokee Run with the Medicine ball back to base, except- 5 Squat thrusts of the back.  Ball stayed afloat on the way back, no penalty Burpees! Great work boys!

Finished the Cherokee run at picnic tables and mosey to railings at the main entrance of DHS for 1 set of 20 inverted pull ups.

Head to rock pile, choose your rock, then head to benches for 3 sets of 20-10-5 of Squat Thrusts, Steps Ups and ol’ fashioned Sit Ups.  Q had 3 of of 20 announced, but had to tap out to 2nd and 3rd sets of 10 and 5.  No arguments!

Head back to base stopping at side wall for 1 set of 30 Sec Wall Sit and BtoWs.

Finish with a 2/75 Yr jail break sprints up and back.

COT around the lamp post.

Manhole has Thursday Q and Seles has Saturday-all is right with the world!

Chopper eloquently took us out!

Peace to all!

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