Florida is Very Flat

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 06/23/2018

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Devito, Lowes, Jazz Hands (FNG), Zohar, HaHa, Nacho Libre, Mayhem, Pellets, Saint2O, Sneakers, Heisenberg (DR)

After more time off than ever intended or needed, YHC made sure to sign up on the WidowMaker Q sheet. Surely it would have been another fartsack without the call to Q, but it felt good to be back with these guys.

Heisenberg was visiting from JAX, and was admiring the North Georgia hills, so the PAX decided to treat him to the mother of all hills which just happens to sit on WidowMaker property.


Suicides on the pitch, 10 count at midfield, 20 at the far goalpost: merkins, cotton pickers aka week pickers, side straddle hop.

Indian run to and down the big hill for Heisenberg’s Hill.

Backwards run up the hill, 10 count up the hill, 5 count forwards down the hill. The PAX quickly learn that the more we run back down the hill, the more we have to reclimb it in a backwards run. Burn aplenty.

Mosey down the trail where Devito picked up the flying EH, made easier by the fact that he was Zohan’s work buddy who Zohan had been working on to get out. Coincidence?

Halt at the head of the path for an 8 count burpee with a squat on the last 2 count, up to 10.

Mosey up and onto the stone bleachers, line up at the base.

5, 10, 15, 20, 25 count of an exercise as we climbed each row of bleachers.. Dips, Irkins, Stepups. The Q feeling a bit dizzy on the stepups after several weeks off, and sounding like he wasn’t the only one hurting.

Mosey down to midfield for 11s on Mary. LBC/Reverse LBC, Flutter/Box Cutters.

Mosey down the trail to the base of the stairs at the entrance to the AO. Travel up the stairs with escalating calf raises on each step.. 1, 2, 3, 4.. The Q took mercy on the PAX and allowed them to start back at 1 after each landing, approximately 12-15 steps to each set of stairs.

Quick 10 deep slow squats..

Quick mosey around the remainder of the trail back to the hill, then to the flag and finish line.


Prayers for healing for DoSiDo’s back, a request for accountability from the PAX to get YHC back into a consistent schedule. Praise for the natural world provided by God.


Great to see Heisenberg, JAX PAX always represent strong when DR in Alpha.

Mayhem taking the lead and finishing fast on the last quick mosey back to the flag. Strong.

Devito strong with the chatter this morn, and dropping back at the finish to bring in the sixes. Good man.

Lowes is pure runner, another great member of the BRR team representing Alpha.

HaHa on that list as well.. and is this guy missing any workouts at this point?

Pellets with the winning name on the FNG.. Jazz Hands!

Nacho also providing the chatter, and representing strong as always.

Saint2O with the pre-ruck, that’s a heck of a morning workout. Not sure who else joined the ruck?

Sneakers aptly named, no slouch on the run by any means.


Thanks for the push and inspiration, hoping to see you gents more often. – Foghorn

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