Burpees and Bear Crawls All Around

When: 06/21/2018

Where: Rubicon

The Pax: Devito, Mayhem, Swingline, Lumberg, Pitstop, Waffles, Lowes, TO, Locksmith, Kruger, Cookie, Zima, Jackalope, 

QIC: Special K

Had an easy morning of light runs and yoga planned, but I was convinced on the ride over to change to a day of burpees and bear crawls.

Warm-Ups: A quick mosey over to the playground for SSH, Hillbillies, and Weed Pickers.

The Thang: Started with a Morning Call.  All but one PAX lined up in the plank position and held the up position while one counted off doing 5 pull-ups.  Every time a pull-up was called out, the PAX did a merkin.  After 5 pull-ups he joined the PAX and the next got up and called out his 5 pull-ups.  The cycle continued until everyone did their 5 pull-ups.  No one left the plank position unless it was their turn to do pull-ups.

Quick mosey over to the Hill of Dreams for Burpback Mountain.  We partnered up.  While one partner ran backward up the hill and frontwards down 3 times, the partner did burpees.  Partners then flapjacked.  This continued until each team reached 100 burpees.  While waiting for the six, each time continued to the runs up and down the hill.

Last but not least we went to the Field of Dreams to complete the cycle.  PAX bear crawled to first and did 3 burpees and then crawl beared back to home.  Then bear crawled to 2nd base, did 6 burpees and crab walked back to home.  PAX then bear crawled to 3rd base, did 9 burpees, and lunge walked back to home.  Finally PAX bear crawled all they way around the bases.  Air-chaired for the six.

Mary: Back to the flag for some very quick Mary.  After the cycle we only had time for one quick round of LBCs.

COT:  Prayers to those who were not able to join because of injury.  Lower is collecting Oreos for the troops and Project Oreo until next Thursday.


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