Wreck 49’er

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/20/2018


PAX (): Sprocket, Patch, Squeegee, Jackalope, Bayside, Zima, Grease Monkey, Doogie, Ariel, Bronco, Polaroid, Sellout, Crab Legs, Thumper, Double D, Booter, Cornhole, Circus, Bieber (FNG), Fondue Guy, I-Beam, Switch

YHC loves to play the instigator role when it comes to b-day Q’s, but too often forgets that what goes around, come around.  And come around it did, in the form of a 20# gut-check (20# my a$$).

With 0520 on the clock on and an antsy PAX anticipating what was coming, I-Beam and Sprocket appeared from the gloom with a hearty b-day welcome in the form of a 20# restrictor plate to level the playing field.  Let’s just state for the record that YHC has a good memory and appreciates a good game of one-upmanship.


With 0530 on the clock, time to mosey to the first parking lot for a quick warm-up consisting of:

  • 15 Windmills
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Toy Soldiers

Continue mosey to Malbec Mountain where the PAX would set up shop for the day.

The Thang:

YHC must admit having some (albeit fleeting) second thoughts at incurring the beat-down as planned with an additional 20# in tow and extra candle on the cake.  However, plans were made and he’d never hear the end of it if audibles were called.  Let’s roll.

Being only one divisor removed from prime, 49 isn’t the easiest to work with when devising a beat-down.  Rounds of 49 reps?  Been done before.  4900 yards of running?  Not enough of a challenge?  Simple 7’s?  Too short.  How about 7 trips up Malbec Mountain on to the gymnastics lot with 7 burpees at the bottom, 7 burpees at the top and 7 Stone Mountains sandwiched in the middle for good measure?  As we stopped at the hill and YHC floated the concept with the PAX, mumble-chatter was in abundance.  Now THAT’S a plan.

With YHC’s restrictor-plate doing the job that was intended, YHC wisely took a pace that he knew he could finish (eventually) by nipping at Bronco’s heels most of the way.  By round 7, it became abundantly clear that I-Beam didn’t pre-cool the vest as YHC was seriously overheated.  You know a good beat-down when the finishing PAX immediately hit LBC’s for Mary.  YHC wasn’t about to let them get off that easy – lunges for the 6 while waiting for remaining PAX to finish to finish their 7’s.

With 12 minutes remaining on the clock, it was time to mosey for a bit in an attempt to cool down the engine while sneaking in 4900 yds for the day.  YHC led the PAX on a vest-free mosey up the hill by the recreation center, around the pond, and back to the gymnastics center where we’d get in a few more burpees for the 6.  Our official score-keeper (Crab Legs) stated that we racked 126 burpees for the day.

Quick stop on our return mosey to grab some coupons for alternating sevens consisting of Romanian Deadlifts and Overhead Press.  One final round of IC Overhead Press before heading back to the flag (more than a few PAX thought YHC was going for 49).   No time for Mary today.


  • Hearty welcome to  our new FNG, Ray (Bieber).  Originating from Canada, Grease Monkey and YHC desperately wanted to name him Geddy, Alex, or Neil but saner heads prevailed.
  • Cornhole & Bayside to co-Q on Friday.  Be there!

AFLAC out.




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