AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/19/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Lumberg, Special K, Kruger, Devito, Pit Stop, Waffles, Amoeba, Water Boy, Nacho Libre, Pellets, Zohan, and Lowe's

YHC was so excited about the Launch of the Gladiator this morning he set his alarm early and was ready to head out of door at 5:05 to make his way down to ERP.  As I was getting ready I remembered a few weeks ago that I stole Devito’s Q and thought let me double check the Rubicon Q sheet to make sure I’m not Q’ing today.  Well as it turns out it was a good thing to check because I was on Q.  So heading over to the Rubicon I had plenty of time to come up with a beatdown.

As I get out of the car I noticed Carolina Panther Tag and I knew he must not be from around here in Falcons Country.  Luckily Cookie wasn’t there as we know he’s not a big fan of the Panthers.  The Pax welcomed Amoeba from Lake Norman and we we were off.

Warmup – Mosey towards the Children of the Corn.  The pax stopped twice waiting for the 6.  First stop Merkins for the 6, next stop Squats for the 6.  As we arrived at the children of the corn lunges for 6.  Circle up and 12 SSH’s, 12 Imperial Walkers.

The Thang – Mosey to the back side to the Rec Center as the Pax people’s chair for the 6.   Once the 6 was in 1.5 laps around the track for  an indian run.

After the Indian run a quick mosey to the little known play ground on the backside of two of the baseball fields.   As we got here partnered up for a DORA.  100 Swerkins, 200 Lunges, and 300 Flutter kicks.  Off partner runs to the 2nd foul pole.

Closing out we mosey back to the upper parking lot for a 1 to 5 Burpee/Merkin at each divider.  Think suicides but don’t go back to the start.  So 1 Burpee/5 Merkins at the first divider, 2 Burpees/10 Merkins at the second divider… and so on.  The pax made it to the 5th divider and ran out of time.  Expect Devito he was on his way to number 6.

COT: Welcome Pit Stops 2.0 Waffles! YHC was a little worried that we were going to leave him behind.  Then during the DORA he passed me and I knew he was going to be okay.  Praise for the launch at ERP!  30 Pax!  Praise for Stay Puff and his Baptism.  My M is in El Salvador prayers for her safety.  Prayers for Lowes and his neck injury.  Which didn’t keep him form posting this morning!

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