And the Q Goes Down

AO: The Paragon

When: 06/19/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): legionnaire, the butcher, the mole, spanx, FNG Beano (Chad Decker), FNG Aubie (John Rogers), goodhands, fleetwood, quagmire, hasbro, westside

Well what can I say, YHC clearly stated in the disclaimer to not get hurt; actually the exact words were, “whatever you do, don’t get hurt today, modify as needed”.
There’s an old saying not to give advice you’re not willing to take yourself, so there’s gotta be a lesson in that somewhere I’m sure of it…more on that later.
What a beautiful morning we had to work up a decent sweat – and sweat we did. Here’s what went down at The Paragon today.


Mosey to an often overlooked section of the building’s surroundings where we had a nice echo going. Circle up for copper head merkins IC x10, SSH IC x15.
Mosey further around the back of the school and circle up for copperhead diamond merkins IC x10, mtn climbers IC x15
Mosey again all the way around to the front where we started and circle up for copperhead wide merkins IC x10, and something else i cant remember.

the thangy:

Having achieved a nice warmish feeling, we moseyed around the side of the school to another often overlooked section; an area I’ll refer to as the grassy knoll from here on out, because, well, it’s grassy.
Here we gathered in an air-chair circle to discuss the next event:
5 corners, one was hiding in the middle of the field, for an escalator; one of YHCs favorites.
burpees, merkins, squat jumps, dollies, LBCs. Total was 50 burpees, 80 merkins, 90 squat jumps, 80 dollies, and 50 LBCs.
Thanks to the gazelles who led MARY till the six finished up

Mosey to grab the speaker and the phone at the flag then head down to the rock pile to grab a nice workout “buddy”
For 10 minutes time, perform 1 goblet squat with your buddy and 1 burpee (no buddy). Then do 2 & 2, then 3 & 3, and so on…
PAX were encouraged to achieve 12 & 12 to at least have a goal to strive for

3,2,1 the “exercise!” command is given, and on YHCs FIRST squat my back gave out completely and it hasn’t let up an inch in over 13hrs now.
Thank you everyone for all the concerns & prayers, and thank you Hasbro and Legionnaire for getting me and my car back to the house and up the stairs.

It made for interesting COT around a Subaru though, i bet that hasn’t been done before
Welcome FNGs Beano and Aubie
The mole closed us out with an appreciated prayer


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