Duped by @Chelsea // Deck of Death

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/18/2018

QIC: Thumper

PAX (): Aflac, Bear, Chelsea, Goat, Crablegs, Jackalope, Bayside, Cornhole, Virginia Slim, Switch, Zima, Booter, Circus, Ariel, Hattrick, Doogie.

Prelude – (for your enjoyment)

Last night Virginia Slim set his alarm and thought to himself “self, there is another strong PAX leading tomorrow. None of those scrawny but spry guys that think they run the place (pun intended). Chelsea is man’s man.”

5am rolled around and that great Celine Dion single rang through his alarm as usual. He just knew his day was off to a great start. He hopped into some other magnolia walker’s car (apparently they are only allowed to leave the neighborhood with chaperones) and headed to The Wreck.

He mentally noted Chelsea’s prompt arrival and all was well in the world. Chelsea mentioned something about a Thumper Q, but Slim assumed it was a reference to a future beatdown (one which he would cleverly avoid). He heard some other murmuring about Thumper and panic began to set in. Could it be? Did Slim really just get duped into posting to a Thumper Q?!

Just then, off in the distance, Slim spotted a flashing bicycle light. He knew there was only one Pax that rode in that much style. Slim wondered if he could feign injury or just slip away, but it was useless, run he must.

The Thang

16 pax showed unknowingly for a Thumper Q.
Started with a one mile warm up mosey the longish way to the field.
Deck of Death was the dish du jour. Hearts were burpees, spades were jump squats, clubs were big boy sit-ups, and diamonds were merkins. In the unfortunate event of a joker – we did five burpees, ran once around the field, and did another set of burpees. We ended three cards short of completing the whole deck (Q of diamonds, 2 of spades, and 8 of hearts). Grand totals for today were 117 burpees, 93 Merkins, 103 squat jumps, and 105 big boy sit-ups.

Mosey back to the flag for a bit of round robin Mary.

Announcement: Gladiator kick-off at East Roswell Park tomorrow at 0530.

Prayer for Goat’s rib and Chelsea’s home disasters
-Chelsea, I mean @Thumper

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