IHoP’s Dirty Dozen

AO: Caney Creek

When: 06/13/2018


PAX (): TO, Pothole, Moonshine, Nacho Libre, IHOP, Green House, Beibs, Madoff, Mulligan, Biscuit Barn, Cosmic Bandito, Stay Puff

YHC posting for our Q, IHoP.  It was interesting to note that he was on the Q the same day IHoP the restaurant was changing its name to IHoB.  IHoP was clear to say that this name change would  not follow him. What also hasn’t changed is IHoP’s  fixation on Bear Crawls, Crab Walks and Pull Ups.  Lots of new stuff was introduced too and the beat down was full body and epic.  IHoP’s words pasted below.


Mosey through parking lot; up stairs; around the track; down stairs to:


Abe Vigoda

High knees laced with dozen burpees


Carry partner up 4 flights 3x each; alternating

Racoon walk across stone wall.

Bear crawl down hill

Crab crawl to pull up beams; partner air squats until need spot for last two pull ups

Wait for pax with wall sit then continue sitting while rotating thecounting through a slow 40 count

Lunge Laps:

Lunge up stairs; run half lap: 25 merkins; 25 lunges to start the second half lap; run back down

Rinse & repeat.  Plank for the six

DORA:  53 burpees while partner running up stairs


Slow J-Lo; Merkins; LBCs, LBC flutter kick


Stay Puff finishes 12 month program Friday; baptized Sunday at Johns Creek Baptist; Q next Wed!  Nacho Libre and Moonshine both have family heading for out of country mission trips; Cosmic Banditio will see his son in July for their first conversation & time together in 8+ months.

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