Core Chaos

AO: The Paragon

When: 06/12/2018

QIC: Dandy

PAX (): Fleetwood, Tebow, Hombre, Cricket, Hasbro, Drumstick, The Mole, Swisher, Homeboy, TitleMax, Manning, Crack, Primo, the Butcher, Wigam, Legionarie, Goodhands, Nomad, Dandy

Remember – Mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

The brave 19 (OK 18, I knew what was coming):

OK, while Smurfette thinks it is open distain for how F3 does cadence, it is really the fact that I was trained by this man on how to lead workouts and it is tough to unlearn when you are not too bright.

The workout


Mosey to Side Straddle hop (25),

Merikans – 20

Flutter kicks – 25

Superman – 25

Side Straddle hop


Short Mosey to

Jack Knives – 20

Back extensions – 25

Leg levers – 20


Short Mosey to

Incline Sit-ups – 10


Short mosey to

Cris crosses


Leg levers


Short Mosey to

Dips (slow 20)


Short Mosey to


Back extensions


Short Mosey to

Wall sits


Short Mosey to

Crab soccer uphill

Bear crawl downhill


Short Mosey to



Leg Levers

Half sit-ups


Short mosey to

Merkins 15


Close – So the story about my walk with my grandfather got me thinking, and I have asked my father to identify the soldier in the story so I can do a little more research on him. I will let you know what I find out.


The key lessons for me that day were:

1 – Get up early or you might miss something important (or profound)

2 – Small acts of kindness can change many lives for the better (even decades later)

3 – Everyday is a beautiful day


Thank you all so much for coming out and tolerating my stumbling cadence calls and my late back blast.


Finally, don’t think I have abandon you, but I will be traveling for most of the next 6 weeks, but I do promise I will bring chocolate milk to a workout soon.  And maybe some more core exercises.



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