Band Camp 2

AO: The Firehouse

When: 06/14/2018

QIC: Skynyrd

PAX (): Dash, Beans, Skynyrd, IKEA, Bandit, Howser, Fudd, Snowden

Warm Up:

At 0630, as we were about to start, a pair of dim headlights appeared in the distance.  As they grew closer, they were identified as those of Ikea.  We were in a brief hold while we welcomed our new friend.

Off we go with a mosey around the parking lot, 1/2 of a lap.  A brief circle to catch our breath and get the blood flowing with Side Straddle Hops, Finkle Swings, Daniel Sons, and Nancy Kerrigans. Feeling the stretch, we moseyed another ¼ lap.  Marching orders were given as all Pax traversed the parking lot shoulder to shoulder completing, Russians, Quad Pulls, and Feel Goods.  We followed the stretch with some agilities in the form of High Knees, Butt Kicks, Power Skips, and High Knee Carioca.  There were some interesting interpretations of the high knee carioca.  Dash let his background in ballet and interpretive dance show through as he gleefully pranced across the blacktop.

The Thang:

Returning to the flag, PAX partnered up and selected their instruments (elastic bands) for band camp.  A short Mosey to the field followed where all assembled on the base line.  Today’s Dora would consist of 100 triceps extensions, 150 shoulder presses, and 200 curls.  One partner ran the length of the field and back while the other pumped some…..elastic.  It didn’t take long until all felt the burn and exhaustion.  Regardless, all performed admirably and got swole.

After a short recovery, all gathered at one corner of the field where today’s Four Corners was introduced.  All would perform 10 Peter Parker Merkins, run to the next corner, perform 20 Flutters, run to the next corner, perform 30 LBCs, run to the next corner, perform 40 American Hammers.  True to his name, Bandit was difficult to catch and finished ahead of everyone else.

Four Corners was way too much fun so we followed it up with another round with a twist.  This round would be done in reverse direction.  It would be a foot race between all PAX.  At every corner, winning PAX would name the exercise to be performed while he rested.  In reverse order, exercises were performed in increments of 40, 30, 20, and 10. Oh, to be young again.  Howser dominated leg one and selected 40 American Hammers.  Beans put his foot on the gas and won leg two and selected 30 Air Squats.  Ikea was not to be outdone and kindly selected 20 Side Straddle Hops after cruising through leg three.  The final leg belonged to Dash and he, being far less kind, selected 10 Burpees.  

PAX headed to the flag to wrap it up with some MARY.


15 Crab Cakes, 15 Freddy Mercuries, 15 Box Cutter’s, and 15 Crab Humpers towards Canada, of course (away from Old Glory on this beautiful Flag Day).


Prayers were offered up for the health of family and friends, continued growth of our AO and for all PAX as we affect our families and our community.

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