13 Stars. 13 Stripes.

AO: Stoneclad

When: 06/14/2018

QIC: Hooch (VQ)

PAX (): Cricket, Chitwood, Swisher, LawDog, Harp, Title 9, Hasbro, Good Hands, Fleetwood, "Bedazzle" (FNG), Ha-ha, Matchstick, Hooch

Your Humble Correspondent was honored to plant my VQ
shovel flag in the Sequoyah Park ground at 5:08 am (early for some set-up, and
because the VQ has to be perfect) in the FLAG DAY gloom.  Briefest history of Flag Day on record (your
welcome):  On this day in history, June
14, 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the 13-star/13-stripe flag that has developed
into today’s 50-state version over the years.
There were 13 colonies setting out as a new “constellation” in union.  The 13th colony: Georgia, of
course.  My favorite number has always
been 13.  And so, YHC was PUMPED when
after all his 13-laden planning had come to be presented, the 13th
PAX!!! rolled into the lot, and it was 5:30…


We hit the disclaimer before leaving the parking lot, because it should be a part of every workout we do (steps off soap box), and because YHC was THRILLED to see this morning’s FNG in the Circle-O-Stretching-and-Yawning – ‘twas none other than Fred!  Former student of mine from middle school youth ministry days!

100-yard-ish mosey from the shovel flag out onto Right Field; circle up for some brief History of FLAG DAY and explanation of why all things were about to be in 13’s…


13 STARS:  (13 reps of each, mostly In Cadence)

  1.      Cotton Picker
  2.      Dancing Bear
  3.      SSH
  4.      ‘Mercan
  5.      LBC
  6.      Alternating Lunges
  7.      Makhtar N’Diayes (that’s “MAC-tar JIE”, rhyming with “sky”)
  8.      Flutter Kicks
  9.      Squats (OYO)
  10.  Alternating Shoulder Taps
  11.  ABC’s (A-M – that’s the first 13, okay?)
  12.  Squat Jumps (OYO)
  13.  Plank Jacks

Indian-Run Crab Walk, LBC’s and ‘Mercans while waiting for the tail, from Right Field to Centerfield for an epic 18 minutes of Crab Walk VS. Bear Crawl Soccer.  Let the record show that Team 1 outscored Team 2, 3 goals (Hooch, Hooch, Ha-Ha) to 1 (Hasbro).  Many impressive moves by both teams; this shall doubtless be repeated at some future date.


13 STRIPES: (you guessed it: 13 reps of each, mostly IC)

  1.      Windmill (YHC’s dizzying pace called into question – Swisher, just keep your head down, bro)
  2.      Goofball (possibly being renamed locally as “the Hooch”)
  3.      Imperial Walker
  4.      Copperhead ‘Mercan
  5.      Reverse LBC
  6.      Monkey Humpers
  7.      One-Arm Plank (top arm and leg elevated for 13 seconds, two reps each side)
  8.      Freddie Mercury
  9.      Copperhead Squat
  10.  Reverse Alternating Shoulder Taps (this is a thing)
  11.  ABC’s (N-Z is also 13, duh)
  12.  Star Jumps (perhaps this should have been one of the 13 STARS?)
  13.  Finger Tip Plank Jacks

A moment to recover.  Then PAX all grabbed a piece or two of our crab/bear soccer field gear and moseyed to deposit said goods in YHC’s truck bed.  If only my children were so orderly at clean-up…

One minute remained according to the VivoFit, so we circled up and knocked out 13 (did you guess?) BBS (OYO).


Count-O-Rama: 13 (had to say it one more time)



Freddo the FNG was not giving up much info, but that has always been his style.  After YHC patiently overstepped several suggested names lacking true brilliance, one observant PAX asked about the large company of mostly handmade bracelets on the FNG’s left wrist.  As he formulated a response in his head (presumably), the name “Bedazzle” was decided upon.


Announcements: 2nd F Shindig you don’t want to miss on (LOVE THIS) Friday, July 13th at Swisher’s house.  Hit up the 2nd F calendar at www.f3cherokee.com for more deets.  Also mentioned 2nd F Lunch tomorrow (Friday, 6/15) at Chipotle in Canton, Moe’s in Woodstock (b/c Manning’s fave), and Fuzzy’s in Alpharetta.  July 29th F3 has an opportunity to represent with a booth at a mega event at the Woodstock Amphitheater – we’ll keep you posted.


YHC reminded the BOM that all three F’s are about “the other man”.  Living third (God, others, self) is especially evident in the 2nd and 3rd F. Consider your physical fitness (1st F) to be not just about “you” as well.  So much potential for loving and serving your family and community is bound up in your own physical fitness.  What are you training for?  This is bigger than weight, waistlines, and beach bods (thank God).


YHC would like to thank Ha-Ha for making the trek over to surprise me at my VQ, and, to boot, even brining “Bedazzle” with him!  Thank you to every man who showed up at Stoneclad this morning, whether out of support or habit – your presence encouraged me greatly, and I hope you had a blast getting stronger.

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