No Easy [Birth]day

Where: The Wreck

When: 13 June 2018

PAX: Fondue Guy, Nature Boy, Patch, Grease Monkey, Squeegee, AFLAC, Cheesesteak, Turbine, Smackdown, I-Beam, Maddog, Ha-Ha, Sparky, Zima, Virginia Slim, Jackalope, TP, Brisket, Polaroid, Thumper, Doogie, Hoosier, Ariel, Cornhole, Blue

Q: Sprocket 

With YHC’s special day coming up this weekend, I wanted to be sure and mark the occasion with a special workout. So, I reached out to a brother Rubiconian, and asked that he visit The Wreck with his sandy girlfriends in tow.

At first, it seemed like there would be enough girlfriends (gf’s) to go around , but, as 0530 hit, it became apparent that some of the PAX may not have a date since 26 of them showed up! Not to worry, YHC had a plan for just such a contingency.

Warm Up

All PAX lucky enough to score a sandy girlfriend, moseyed to the football field parking lot carrying her on his shoulders via the trail.  Those without, moseyed to YHC’s truck to pick up their less attractive, but, still exciting dates made from tree trunks.



High Knees


10-15 reps each except high knees which were for time.

The Thang

All PAX moseyed to the field to get down to business.

After forming two lines in the end zone, the following exercises were performed in three rounds with shuttle runs including coupons done between sets.

10, 15, 20 Rep’s (the increase in rep’ count was for each successive set) consisting of:

  • Burpees with coupon
  • 4 count flutter kicks
  • Front squats

Shuttle runs were for 200, 400, 600 yards.

AFLAC lead finishers in Mary while waiting for the Six.

For the next exercise, YHC wanted to see how well the PAX could work in unison.  Several teams of approximately six members were formed.  Once lined up, each PAX placed his feet on the shoulders of the man behind him.  Once ready, YHC gave the instruction for Merkins by the entire team to be performed in cadence by calling out, “Up, Down” for 10 rep’s.  YHC was able to sneak a glance or two at the other teams during the exercise to check progress.  What was noticed was that it seems certain teams had a little more teamwork going on than their brother teams.  So, it was determined that this exercise will have to be revisited at a later workout.  Maybe YHC could communicate more clearly as to what the exercise specifically entails as well? Naaah.

The final exercise involved each team forming a tunnel between hands and toes while the man on the left end of the line commando crawled through the tunnel while others followed after him. Once all teammates had completed crawling left-to-right, the crawling/tunnel order was reversed until all teammates had returned to their original positions.

Seeing that time was beginning to run short, the PAX made their way back to the flag via the road carrying their gf’s (except the wooden coupons which remained at the parking lot).

Back at the flag, several PAX called various Mary exercises including Freddie Mercury’s, Peter Parkers, Crunchy Frogs, T-Bombs as well as Merkins to finish the celebration.


Our boy, Blue shared a praise for answered prayer regarding a new job! And, Blue also put a plug in for a local Tough  Mudder event this fall  Check out his post on Slack for details and a registration link.  Remember: “if Blue can do it, You can do it…(all day long)!”

Coffeeteria followed at CLC where a rowdy gathering of PAX disrupted the quiet and solitude for a couple of fellow patrons .  YHC also spotted Bear and Double D fresh in from their a.m. jaunts.


It’s been exactly 360 days since YHC’s first WO at The Wreck.  And, while there have been many times that have been less than enjoyable especially during some extra grueling workouts, there’s no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be as physically strong today as I might be had I continued with my former workout regimen.  But, what’s more is–I wouldn’t have formed the friendships I now enjoy.  So, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to Thumper for inviting me to give F3 a try last summer.  And, furthermore, for his intriguing description of what was to be experienced at an F3 workout: “running, misery, followed by more running and more misery…”  What I found to be the case, however, was that in addition to the running and misery was encouragement, camaraderie and copious amounts of,  well, “running and misery” but accompanied by some of the best guys on this side of the planet.  Thanks for the birthday wishes, they’re much appreciated!

~Sprocket out!



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