Pearls on Strings

AO: The Cheetah

When: 06/12/2018

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Ricky Bobby, Chitwood, Cuban (Respect/War Daddy), Hooch, Kiffin, Law Dog

Pearls on Strings, Strings with Pearls, or String of Pearls, whatever it is called YHC brought it for the much anticipated part III of Law Dog’s Q School beatdown. The Cherokee Pax is growing fast and Launch new beatdowns and AOs every month it seems. One of the newer places is Holly Springs ES called the Cheetah because their mascot is the bobcat or something that is definitely not a Cheetah.

Warm-up: SSH, IW, Weed Pickers (formally known as the Cotton Picker), and Michael Phelps. All incidence and all to 12 because it is the 12th.

The Thang:

Mosey to the bus lanes for some String of Pearls. YHC instructed the Pax that each Pax would call and in cadence exercise to 12. After all 6 pax had called an exercise, run to the lover’s bench with mood lighting and back. About 3 rounds in mosey to the B-Ball Court after a car showed up. Apparently Bus Driver Training was scheduled for the morning hours.

At the B-B court same as before but this time the String of Pearls were done in the form of 4-corners where at the corners a pax called an exercise and then mosey from corner to corner always facing South(?). At the end of two rounds, YHC decided the Pax (Hooch and Cuban) were being to sadistic to continue letting them call exercises so we finished with some Lt Dans. No need to stop at the end of the court because the grassy field worked just as well.

Back to the flag for some Mary. Over all every kind of exercise in cadence was called from merkins, imperial squawkers, partner squerkins, American Hammers, Mike Tysons, Rocky Balboa’s and many more that you know if you were there.

Name-O-Rama (Not going to forget that after Garfield forgot it last week).


Continue to Pray that we become good fathers and raise our kids with patience and understanding setting the example. Pray for Chitwood’s sister-in-law going through some stuff. Continue to Pray for F3 to reach more men and have a big impact on our community.

Naked Man Moleskins:

  • Cuban started out with mary exercises and then finished calling and in cadence burpee suckfest to 12.  This was after Hooch decided running from corner 3 to 4 was boring and had the Pax doing a broken wheel barrow.
  • Hooch has his VQ at Stoneclad on Thursday if reverse shoulder taps and broken wheel barrows are any indication, he is going to bring it.
  • Cuban is working on Power in Unity at the Amphitheater in Woodstock on July 29 (?).  We are looking to set up an F3 booth to reach more sadclowns.
  • F3Cherokee region is Launching on July 4th for a convergence beatdown at Sequoyah Park 7:00am. Check out our new website and follow us on twitter @F3Cherokee1 to keep updated on all that is going on.


Law Dog

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