Block Party

AO: Firehouse

When: 06/12/2018

QIC: Fudd

PAX (): Beans, Baker, Dash, Reuben, Howser, Yoshi, Skynyrd, Bandit, IKEA, Fudd

10 PAX made it out in the gloom for an early morning beat down. It was a welcome sight to see some old faces return as well as recent additions continue to post. YHC spent some time browsing the website for ideas and continued to see workouts tailored to the Q’s recent birthday. Since 36 came earlier this month I followed suit and came prepared with some birthday presents to the PAX on behalf of YHC.

Warm O Rama

Mosey ½ lap around parking lot and circle up…




Weed Picker

Mosey to the flag to unveil the birthday presents I had placed in the bed of my truck.  From the mumble chatter that occurred I could tell the PAX was overjoyed to each be receiving their very own coupon in the form of a cinder block that weighed exactly….wait for it….36 pounds! We grabbed our new coupons and headed to the top field to get some work in.

The Thang


What’s better than burpicides???Burpicides holding a cinder block of course!

5 Burpees at the goal line after each sprint with corresponding exercises every 10 yards

10 – Merkins

20 – Squats*

30 – SSH

40 – Calf Raises*

50 – LBC’s

*on the 20 and 40 yard sprints we brought our coupons along for the ride.

Quick 10 count and we repeated the sets in reverse order continuing to pay our burpee toll each time.

Move on to the parking lot and plank up for some Plank Block Pulls – 25 Reps

Plank position while pulling coupon across ground in front of you with opposite arm from one side to another. Core and shoulders burned on this one.


Quick mosey to the hill for some elevens

Curls with coupons at the top / Plank Jacks at the bottom

Early finishers called out some Mary waiting on the 6.


Partner up – P1 does 25 lunges while P2 does rows with the coupon. Switch spots rinse and repeat


Freddie Mercurys


Dying Cockroaches

American Hammers

Big Boy Sit Ups


Announcements/Prayer Requests

New mountain biking AO

Continued prayers for growth for the Firehouse

Discussed getting together for some second F time

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