Methods of Climbing a Hill

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/11/2018

QIC: Bear

PAX (): Double D, Fondue Guy, Thumper, Cornhole, Nacho Libre, Sellout, Aflac, Crablegs, Sprocket, Ariel, Cheese-steak, Hoosier, Goat, Squeegee, Turbine, Bear, I-beam

17 Pax showed up for a promised “mosey light” workout.

Mosey along the gravel path doing one Merkin at the first light and adding a Merkin at each light. Build to 15. 120 pushups total.

Air Chair and Mary for the six. Mosey to the playground.

Partner up and one partner grab a rock coupon from the “stream”.

Alternate partner exercises until QIC calls them:

  • 5 pullups and 10 curls
  • 10 shoulder presses and 10 Merkins
  • 10 bent over rows and 10 skull crushers (this one didn’t work out too well since both exercises needed a coupon!)

Mosey to the Monster Hill:

  • 10 double count JLos at the bottom / 10 Big Boy Situps at the top
  • The method of climbing was the tricky part
  • First round up = backwards bear crawl (Crawl Bear); this was brutally hard after all the shoulder work we had done! Run down
  • Second round up = Sundial up; run down
  • Third round up = crab walk (thanks to Aflac and Thumper leading the way)
  • Some did Merkins to wait on the six

Mosey to the flag the long way on the trail doing 5 Merkins at each light (don’t know how many this totaled for those counting)

Mary at the flag for the six and until time called.


  • Pray for the Dukes’ family who were in a car crash on the way to Lighthouse Family Retreat. Mrs. Dukes passed away as a result of injuries. Mr. Dukes broke bones.

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