Bears, Gorillas, Ducks and Crabs OH MY

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/09/2018

QIC: Squeegee

PAX (): U-Turn, Sellout, Bronco, TP, Mad Dog, Hat Trick, AFLAC, Polaroid, Sprocket, Grease Monkey, Corn Hole, I-Beam

After the one year anniversary Wednesday beat down by Miller Time, a group of determined PAX looking for more punishment showed up for a Friday WO.   5:30 came and we moseyed up to the top parking lot to get started.

Warm Up

SSH 15x
Weed Pickers 10x
Imperial Walker 10x 

After a quick warm up we head back to the back parking lots and circled up.  On the way, several PAX were suspicious that this was about to be a recycle and seemed pretty excited about the fun to come.

The Thang

As the PAX circled the roundabout, they could pick an animal walk(Gorilla, bear, duck or crab)  in clock wise rotation.  As the PAX hit an exit to one of the left or right parking lots, they would do 10 lunges and then sprint to the end.  Each PAX would complete the next exercise on the posted sheet then do 10 broad jumps back toward the center.  After the jumps they would sprint back to the circle, connect with their sprint animal and enter into the roundabout.  As the PAX hit the next exit they would repeat the process on the other side.

Left Parking Lot Exercises:
Jump Squats x50
Monkey Humpers x50
Calf Raises x100
Donkey-Kicks x50
SSH x150

Right Parking Lot Exercises:
Merkins x50
Merkins x50
LBC x150
Merkins x50
Merkins x50

At 6:10, YHC called the exercise and we headed back the flag with a 6:15 arrival.


If I would of completed the back blast on Friday I would have remembered if there were any prayers.  Reminded the group of the 2.0 gathering on Saturday at 8(which was a great time for all that were able to attend).

Grateful for the men of F3 and the accountability in my life.

– Squeegee –

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