A Roll of the Dice…@ The Paragon

AO: The Paragon

When: 06/07/2018

QIC: Smurfette

PAX (): Tebow, (The Butcher) FNG, Garfield, Homeboy, Papa John, Dandy, Kiffin, Drumstick, legionnaire, Yogi, Hombre, Spanx, Swisher, Molson (FNG), Wiggum

18 Pax beat the fartsack for the chance to Rolle the dice at The Paragon this week! YHC’s beatdown was inspired by a recent trip to none other than…Dollar Tree, where YHC picked up a set of cheap, foam dice. Who says dollar store shopping with your M and 2.0 can’t be both fun AND productive (Homeboy and Drumstick are paying YHC under the table for the free advertising)? In other news, the Pax extended a Kotter-welcome-back to Chief Wiggum after a month or so away! YHC is still not sure where the term Kotter comes from, or how to spell it, but I’ll at least try to implement it here at the risk sounding completely foolish. Regardless, it was awesome to see a few guys post for the first time in a while! Also, welcome FNG’s Molson and The Butcher!

The Warm Up
SSH x 15
Weed Picker x 4 (abrupt stop to spite Homeboy)
Copperhead Squats x 9
Finkle Swings x 10 each leg

The Thing
The Pax mosey’d down to the Hill of Pain (HoP) where YHC laid out the following instructions: Pax would rotate taking turns rolling the Dollar Tree Dice, with each number corresponding with a different exercise:

1. Sprint to the top
2. Backward run to the top
3. Walking Lunges to the midway light pole
4. Bro-Frogs to the midway light pole
5. Bear Crawls to the midway light pole
6. Modified Route 66 through the baseball lot
* Jog down the HoP and plank on the 6 after each

YHC assumed that the built in randomization of the dice would result in a nice verity of exercises. Nope! The first three roles landed on good ol’ numero 3, which meant 3 rounds of Walking lunges topped off with 10 Air Squats and a jog back down the HoP. YHC can’t remember exactly what was rolled next, which is fine because YHC will likely to end up with the FUBAR flag anyways for this BB being 2 days late, but…the Pax performed multiple rounds of each exercise in the list above with the exception of Route 66, which only happened once. A few additional reps of Brokins, Merkins, and Burpees were sprinkled in for extra fun! After roughly 30 minutes of Rolling the Dice, the Pax moseyed back to the flag for a few MoM!

–¬†Continued prayers for Homeboys Dad
– YHC appreciates prayers for the family as we’re expecting our second baby this week
– A reminder that we need members of the Pax to step up and VQ! You have what it takes to do this! If you don’t want to Q an entire workout by yourself, split it with somebody else.


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