Twigs and Berries

AO: Stoneclad at Sequoyah Park AO

When: 06/07/2018

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Hooch, Goodhands, Harp, Cricket, Ricky Bobby, Chitwood, Law Dog, and …. oh yeah Hasbro

First person in the parking lot this morning was YHC. Matter of Fact, YHC was drove past Dean Rusk to see the first car driving in for The Paragon. No Alarm Fubar this week. Even had time to take my pain sticks (twigs) to the Field of Dreams when the first cars started rolling in.  With a call to Harp and Cricket for some kettlebells (berries), there were plenty of twigs and berries for Stoneclad this morning. 7 Pax said no to the fartsack to join YHC.

Warmup involved sungods, good mornings, weed-pickers, and Michael Phelps to get the legs, back, and arms ready.

The Thang.

With the pain sticks and the kettlebells, the pack lined up on the right field foul ball line for a 8 station painfest. Pain sticks are 2 in PVC pipes filed with sand in 3 and 4 ft sections.  The pax were pleasantly surprised thinking that the PVC were filled with air. The stations included kettlebell swings, single-arm shoulder presses, Eddie the Eagles, arm raises, sumo-squats, Zamperini Lunges, and Genuines. The 8th station was an Every Kind of animal crawl out to the cone and to the first station. Pax performed each exercise AMRAP until the animal crawl pax made to the first station shifting everyone down one station at a time. Bear crawls, rabbit hops, scorpion crawls, duck walks were all performed.

Next leave our twigs and berries to perform two rounds of howling monkies and one round of rapid fire ring of fire. Each pax did one marking around the circle counting total reps for the entire pax to 104. That’s only 4 more than the number of men who posted to a F3Alpha beatdown yesterday!

Little more time to head back to the foul line to partner up. One partner inch warms to the cone and back while the other partner picks a coupon of his choice for a Zamperini.

Farmer carry back to the flag for 6 min of Mary. Various exercises performed.

Name-o-rama and COT

Nakedman Moleskins:

  • The twigs and berries proved to be great coupons providing a total body beatdown.
  • Harp must have the most extensive kettlebell collection of anyone. Multiple weights at each station so the Pax could choice what worked best.  However, he uses that weird metric messurement crap that Legionairre would love so you just had to eye ball the size to determine if you wanted a big one or a little one because who knows what kg equals. Those things must have collected a lot of dust in the basement since Harp joined F3. Glad we can put them to use for Stoneclad.
  • Cricket had to switch to a small kettlebell for the genuine. Mission success he is not a cyborg. Dandy however is still a cyborg. Don’t believe me, post to the Paragon next Tuesday and find out for yourself at his VQ.
  • Chitwood is still not convinced that every kind of animal crawl truly exists. I think the scorpion crawls are starting to win him over. Time will tell.
  • Hooch signed up to ring the Second Bell. VQ next Thursday at Stoneclad!


The F3 MTB Club starts this Saturday at Blankets Creek off Sixes Road in Cherokee County. This is going to be a lot of fun. All levels of experience are welcome. It has to be that way because YHC is a novice and wants to participate.  Remember to check SORBA’s website to make sure the trails are open.

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