Day with Dash

AO: The Firehouse

When: 06/07/2018

QIC: Dash

PAX (): Olaf, Clyde, Beans, Skynyrd, Rueben, The Body, Dash, Fudd, Huggiebear, Snowden, FNG(IKEA)

There was no time for snooze this morning, as there was imminent invasion from our brothers from the south and the coffeeteria needed reinforcements! Two pots of coffee, load up the girlfriends, and head out into the gloom for what was destined to be an beat down of epic proportions! There was a lot of chatter last night about extra guests and they certainly did not disappoint.

Happy greetings, plant the flag, and…


Let’s mosey!

As we headed to what has become a trademark location for our AO, I decided we needed to get better acquainted with our guests. So we stopped halfway for a quick set of 10 Bropees! These have become a fan favorite for the Firehouse, so I wanted to introduce our guests to what they’ve been missing.

On to Stonehenge! Circle up for some warm-ups!

Warm O Rama (sets of 15 IC)



Crab Humpers


The Thang

I wanted to try something new this morning so I tweeked a popular exercise and created “Dash’s catch me if you can”.

The idea was to have all the PAX spread out evenly around Stonehenge to start. Two PAX(standing across from each other) would start running counter clockwise one full lap. The next guy in line on both sides would then run until one PAX caught up to another. The PAX that we’re not running were supposed to hold a plank position until it was their turn to run.

A quick 10 count then mosey to the truck to get the girlfriends, with a quick stop halfway for 10 patty cake merkins!

At the truck I instructed every one to partner up and grab a GF to share, once again let’s mosey! Just a short turn around the corner to our favorite hill for some partner reps of:

150 kettle ball swings

100 curls

75 shoulder presses

while the partner ran down the hill and did 10 each of, SSH, Merkins, and Squats before running back up the hill to relieve his partner.

Opposite partner carried the GF to the nearest field for a set of 20 Dash’s Big Boy sit-ups. This is a B.B. sit-up where you pass the GF back and forth.

Our time was nearing the end so we partner carried the GF’s back to the truck to make our deposits! This is much harder than it sounds as I believe I heard a little mumble chatter from Skynyrd in his dissapproval of this activity….made it all the sweeter!!

just enough time for a quick Mary around the flagpole

25 Big Boy sit-ups IC

25 Swimmer IC


Name O Rama /COT

welcome FNG-IKEA !!


The Spearhead Challenge – “spearheaded by our fellow PAX Homeboy”

Saturday’s at the ZOO

prayer requests:

Ashley’s surgery

Dash’s hike with his two younger 2.0’s






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