Animal Farm

AO: Big Creek

When: 06/07/2018

QIC: Whiz

PAX (): Whiz, Snake, Swiper

YHC has come to appreciate the various animal crawls and walks listed in the F3 exicon for their tendency to inflict pain and latent soreness from using muscles other exercises don’t typically work.  That led me to wonder how many different animal exercises I could incorporate into one beat down.  Read on to find out.  Most of the BC PAX ventured up to the Firehouse this morning but I made a prior commitment as QIC and stayed back to inflict pain on those who couldn’t make the trek.  3 was the magic number so on we went to the bottom of Killamanjaro to get started.


  • Seal Jacks – IC x 20
  • Copperhead Squats – IC x 12
  • Windmill – IC x 12


Head over to the concession building and grab some wall.

  • Donkey Kicks – OYO x 10
  • Iron Spiders – IC x 10
  • Chicken Peckers – IC x 10

Rinse and repeat 2x plus 5 reps each round

Head over to the soccer field for a few rounds of modified bearpees.  Start on one sideline and travel to the other doing

  • 1:4 ratio of burpees to bear crawl, go back doing
  • 2:4 ratio of burpees to frog jumps, go back doing
  • 3:4 ratio of burpees to duck walk, go back doing
  • 4:8 ratio of burpees to seal crawl (YHC tried to ease up a bit by adding extra seal crawls but it didn’t work because they’re pretty brutal).

No time to go for another round with crab walks so we moseyed back toward the flag, stopping along the way to raccoon crawl along the beam heading up toward the roman columns.

Back to the flag for some Mary where we found Big Daddy waiting for us.  He arrived late for his second post but hung out and administered a one-man beat down on his own until we returned.  A solid effort that shows potential!

  • Dying Cockroaches – IC x 20
  • Crunchy Frog – IC x 20
  • Swimmers – IC x 10


Prayers for Big Daddy’s family vacation next week, for Snake’s continued job search, for YHC’s water damage, and praise for Swiper’s 18 yo daughter deciding not to go to Bonnaroo.  Sign-up for the spearhead challenge by this Friday to ACCELERATE and become better for it.

NMM Side-Note:

Total animal exercises represented in beat down = 12

YHC, Snake, and Big Daddy for Starbucks coffeteria after.

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