The Wreck – One Year Anniversary Bro-down Celebration

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/06/2018

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): U-Turn (FNG), Bear, IBeam, Virginia Slim, Cookie, Zima, Thumper, Grease Monkey,Hat Trick, Crablegs, Circus, Goat, TP, Bronco, Ariel, Rusty, Sell Out, Booter, Goat, Grease MOnkey, Doogie, Squeegie, Fun Run, Cardinal, Aflac, DD, Cornhole, Maddog, The Big Short, Sprocket, Miller Time

The only rule about anniversary’s is “don’t forget”.  Those with M’s know that very well!  While that may have happened for some men, For The Wreck, there would be no forgetting with this pax, what has happened over the past year.  It’s been an AO that has put in the blood (for sure), sweat (goes without saying) and tears (I’m sure Slim has cried about having to run at least once).  For real though, this group has committed.  All in, online, offline, in the community, on the gridiron, in 3rd F discussions, on Saturday trail runs, at CrazyLove, CSAUPS (Helenback the most notable) and more!   In fact it seems there is so much bro-love that nobody has wanted to fire up a new AO…..yet….but that is coming too!

An invite to Q the one year and bring it full circle?  No question.  And then some comments came about how YHC took it easy on the PAX that first time around.  No worries, that wouldn’t happen this time.  These HIM’s are stronger and faster and mentally tough and needed to be challenged.  Personally there was a lofty goal of possibly having Bear tell me this “was the best workout yet”!  Spoiler – that didn’t exactly happen but he did tell me he knew it was really good based on the number of F bombs dropped.

What Happened?  First, A lot of PAX Showed up to support this day! 31 seems to be the final count.  After a disclaimer absolving YHC and the Roswell Parks Dept. of all liability, we went exactly no-where.  That was because a parking lot warm up was required to be prepared for the first part of the Bro-down.  SSH, IW’s, WeedPickers, Mnt Climbers all performed.

Shortly after partnering up with a pax you don’t know so well, we had to mosey to the turf football field using the sidewalk.  However, we had to make everything harder than a year ago so we did this stretch as a Partner carry.  Switch as needed until you reach the destination.

Next we lined up with our bro’s on the end line for another favorite exercise – Wheel Barrel Suicides!  10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yard line with each partner doing all 5 stretches on their hands.  The modify exercise for those at exhaustion was the Crabwalk.  Harder than last year….check

With the group feeling great, we moved on to a visit with our old friend Charles Bronson.  Exercise at the end line, sprint to the opposite 10 yard line and army crawl the last 10 yds.  4 cycles of this with 30 reps of the following exercises – SSH, Maktar-Dai-ries, Stone Mnt Pushups and Squats.  Burpee’s for the six all day as the pax finished strong.  At this point everyone was looking at their watches hoping we had more time left to get stronger.

Fortunately we did so we moved on to the base of the Big A$% Hill for more Bro-Love.  10 Bro-pee’s at the bottom, run to the top, 10 Bro-kins, rinse and repeat until the Q calls it. (Thanks to Manning for the Bro ideas)  3 to 4 cycles for most.   Out of time and back to the Flag for some air chair.


  • Discussion about 3rd F HomeStretch opportunity coming up.  See Slack Channel for details.
  • 2.0 Workout this Saturday.  Ibeam organizing
  • Some moving one year commentary from Bear
  • YHC Closing discussion about the success of this AO and how there is a feeling at this AO of a belief or “Faith” by this group of something greater than themselves.
It was an honor to lead today…..M.T.

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