Flip It…Flip it Good

AO: The Kodiak

When: 06/06/2018

QIC: Misty

PAX (): Alcoa, Thumper, Frenchie, Legionnaire, Harp, Babyface, Banjo, Cricket, Toolman, Aquaman, Hombre, Natty Light, Voodoo

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. It was with that in mind that I totally ripped off a previous beatdown from Babyface back from the early days of the Kodiak. Those tires had been calling my name and with the launch of our new AOs our numbers were finally back to a point where we could utilize them again without too much risk of anyone waiting around for too long. With even numbers, a Kotter back at it (welcome back Toolman!), and the much appreciated cool, dry air urging us on we got things started promptly at 5:30.


10 weed pickers IC

10 windmills IC


The Thang

Partner up and grab a tire. Partner A gets started flipping their tire 50 times while Partner B takes a lap around the route 66…route. If Partner A was still performing flips then Partner B would perform Big Boy Sit Ups until they finished. Flip flop. Continue on for 40 reps, 30, 20, and 10. As Babyface eloquently pointed out about halfway through the last time we did this was on a Saturday with 15 extra minutes, but I was confident the PAX would rise to the occasion and finish things off in time. They proved me right, but unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do the Achin Legs like I had planned. Instead we had to settle for a few minutes of Absolution x 10. Mosey back to the flag just in time.


Welcome back Toolman!


Prayers for Homeboy, his father and the rest of their family and friends. Voodoo’s mother, Aquaman’s friend’s M , Babyface’s friend’s daughter also. Please help bring answers, peace and understanding to those impacted.


  • Check out the Spearhead Challenge and sign up before the 8th
  • Amicalola Falls road trip beatdown on 6/16 at 7:30
  • 3rd qtr Qs are coming up for all the AOs, so if you feel so led sign up
  • Check out the Q sheet to jump in at the various sites, especially for the 2.0 beatdowns taking place after the regular workouts at Hurt Locker

As always gentlemen, it was a pleasure. Misty, out!

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