Deck of Deception

AO: Candy Creek

When: 06/06/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Greenhouse, Mulligan, Stay Puff, Cosmic Bandito, Porta, Nacho, IHOP, Pothole, Haha, TO, Moonshine

YHC has always enjoyed a deck of cards workout.  Back in the high school wrestling days I would often do merkins with a deck of cards.  Now a few months ago YHC had a great idea about putting two decks of cards together to make one and taking out all of the low cards.  I didn’t want to spoil the fun by letting anyone know that this deck of cards wasn’t your normal deck.  Now for the initial beatdown at the Rubicon we got like 7 cards in before Devito caught on.  For the second round at the Hooch I thought I was being a little smarter and put a few 4’s in the mix early.  That did well until the Queen of Diamonds flipped twice.

For the third time with the deck of deception Haha and Moonshine let the cat out of the bag early.  I didn’t get the cards out of the box before they let everyone know that this wasn’t your normal deck.  Anyways it was great having the men of NLB back out at Candy Creek.   And I might be retiring the Deck after it has made its way from the Rubicon, Hooch, and now Candy Creek.

The Warm up: A quick lap around the dirt track with some Side Straddle Hops, Lunges, Merkins, and Weed Pickers.

The Deck of Deception: Turn over a card and do the reps (Face-cards 10 and A’s 11) Spades – Squats, Hearts – Lap around the Track, Clubs – Crunchy Frogs, Diamonds – Derkins, and Wild 10 pull ups.  Extra Credit 10 Burpees if we landed a Black Jack (only happened twice).

Lots of mumble chatter about the joy of the crunchy frogs.

COT: Court today, 2 NLB Brothers are now in the same class, and one pax showing the courage to verbalize what he doesn’t know.  It takes a strong man to admit where he is weak.

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