We put ‘em on the ropes in Dunwoody

AO: Shadow

When: 06/05/2018

QIC: Moses

PAX (): Rambo, Impala, Greenbean, Chopper, Fizz, Leon, Moonshine, Fireballs, Switch, Swing State

11 pax were roped into 45 minutes of pain with the promise of ACRT tonight. The rest of you were sorely missed…and the soreness may linger.

Warmorama, including SSH, knee ups, IST, Perkins, side-to-side lunges

Circle up around the light pole in the parking lot with the heavy rope; one person working shoulders on the rope for 20 seconds while the pax does an exercise called by YHC, including: side-to-side lunges, merkins, knee-ups, burpies, jump squats…with repeats of several of those exercises

Mosey to the Memorial Garden for – one-legged squats, derkins, one-legged squats, incline merkins and more side-to-side lunges

One lap around the track and then line-up / partner-up for ark loading, roughly 45 yards: leap frog, wheel barrow, piggy-back carry, inch worm with one merkin at the bottom – stagger merkins and side-to-side lunges were built in along the way.

Run around to the tennis courts and assume the People’s Chair position against the side of the school, with toe touches and air presses, 2 rounds of this.

Complete the campus tour circuit by returning to the parking lot for a final round of shoulder work with the rope…pax called the exercises, including burpies by Greenbean, LBC flutters by Moonshine (?!? That hurt), pretzel crunch, LBC, the W, elbow plank by Chopper, and some other exercises

If you posted this morning, the 1st round is on me at the Moondog Growler tonight…say around 645pm to 7pm. The Fizz closed out COT reverently.


1) It was great seeing you again. I can’t remember the last time I posted with y’all…probably when I was wearing long sleeves and a hat. I love what you’re doing with the place. Keep up the nice renovations…but please install some pull-up bars

2) Moonshine and Fizz – thank you for putting your best effort into the leap frog exercise. I really didn’t want to get to know you any better.

3) Greenbean was kind enough to provide theme music during the IST (or Imperial Walkers). I’m expecting more thematic sounds effects at the next workout.

4) Fireballs – I’d like to thank you for allowing me back on campus without the appropriate matriculation paperwork. I’ll work with the administration to shore up the administrative matters.

5) Swing State EH’ed me to Q at the Mighty Oak on a Wednesday months ago. I declined because I’m generally out of town on Wednesdays. He’s persistent…he tracked me to Dunwoody, GA! Great to see you, brother. I’m looking forward to some more workouts with you while I’m in ATL.

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