Monkey on My Back… Or is That a Cheetah on My Back (Whatever it Was, it Seemed Heavy)

AO: The Cheetah

When: 06/05/2018

QIC: Garfield

PAX (): Thrasher, Chitwood, Law Dog, Ricky Bobby, MatchStick, Kiffin, Papa John

OK so actually it was just a sack of bricks on my back. YHC packed up some backpacks full of 6 to 7 bricks (each weighing about 3.5 lbs, so you can do the math) for each of the Pax. I’ve been promising to do a pre-ruck before a beatdown, but I’ve lied every single time and have never actually made it for one. Partially because I need my sleep (I sleep more than my cat), and partially because I sweat more than any other human and I’d be completely wet before even starting the beatdown. So, I took this opportunity/Q to make myself and the Pax use a brick filled ruck sack to enjoy the gloom even more.

Mosey around the parking lot to the big flagpole…

Warm Up:





Sun Gods

Mosey to the truck to pick up the brick sacks…


The Thang:

Using the 22 parking space lines, Pax line up with brick sacks on their backs. First parking space line – 1 merkin, Cheetah/bear crawl to next parking lot space line, 1 burpee. Cheetah/bear crawl to next parking lot space line, 2 merkins, followed by Cheetah/bear crawl to next line, 2 burpees. Continue growing to the same doing 3, 4, and 5 reps. Once reach the middle (after 10 or 11 spaces) – switch to squats/Cheetah crawl/lunge on each leg, Cheetah crawl, etc. .. growing in reps from 1 each, 2 each, 3 each, 4 each, and 5 reps at each space like above.

Quick 10 count, move the brick sacks to the front of the Pax chest/stomach. Crab walk backwards the entire way back across the 22 parking spaces to the flag. Drop the brick sacks, quick 10 count, and head over to the field of broken dreams.

The track around the fields has 4 ‘corners’. Pax jog the straights and in each of the four corners, stop to enjoy 5 burpees, 10 merkins, and 15 squats. Complete the 4 corners, mosey back to truck and return the brick sacks. My least favorite thing – run one lap around the school and return to the flag.

Time for some extended Mary, so each Pax to call out exercise of choice (nod to Law Dog calling this Mary-go-round) going in a circle. Assorted mix of Freddie Mercury’s, LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, plank-jacks, Peter Parkers, nip taps/tips (whatever that devilish exercise Law Dog made us do was), gas pumpers (got the gas out of me – nod to Kiffin).


Prayers for strength, comfort, and healing for Zach and his family (Thrasher’s friend) with Zach’s upcoming surgery. Prayers for Thrasher’s scan coming up clean as a whistle. Much love and appreciation to Thrasher being a solid oak through such a trying time – straight up HIM right there.

Praise to God for loving each and every one of us, and allowing us to find such a great brotherhood called F3. To Him the glory!

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