Let’s do it

AO: WidowMaker

When: 06/02/2018

QIC: Pellets

PAX (): Moonshine, Special K, Mayhem, Saint 2.0, Dosido, Lowe’s, Scar, Pellets

Shout-Out to my buddy Magnolia who introduced me to F3 on May 1st and somehow found myself 30 days later doing a pre-game walk through to hit my first Q at the Widow Maker.

Quick personal history to re-inforce the power of F3 and fellowship to Sad-Clowns of Suburbia:  18 months ago had owned a successful business for 8 years, exercised daily, cruise control set and over the course of year and a half almost lost my business and family due to poor financial decisions, gained both freshman and sophomore 30 pounds, and dealt with my super-sized pride and ego.  Through it all and grateful for the journey, found God waiting for me and standing with me all along, a beautiful woman desperately needing her man to step up and now charged and ready to take the 3rd 500 head on as a faithful man, leader of his family, and here to serve.


Fairly aggressive mosey to the top of the Widow Maker from there we hammered out IC:

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers

The Thang

Indian run to the bottom of the Widow Maker around the circle and back up to the top of the Widow Maker.  From there another fairly aggressive trail run back to the rock pile where a big boy coupon was instructed to be chosen.

Gentle mosey to the soccer field coupon in hand we performed an IC Burpee Bonanza of descending count 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 with 10 curls in between.

Time for some speed training 5x:

Starting at the End Line the Pax sprinted to the penalty line and back to the End Line then run to Center Line and back equals 1 rep.

With a smooth lather worked up we mosied over to the amphitheatre found a great hill to do IC 15 count incline merkins and 15 count derkins.

Adjusted good old Dora to a 1, 3, 3 and after buddying up we did the following:

  • 100 box jumps buddy runs to the end of the soccer field and back
  • 300 dips run buddy run
  • 300 squats (captain’s choice if wanted to run or do LBC’s)

With time to spare back to the soccer field for the ever popular lunge to midfield and bear crawl to the end.

Back to the flag for a round of Mary/abtoberfest.


  • Prayers for Moonshine preaching the good word
  • Prayers for the Man Animal known as Scar who tweaked his back in Dora
  • Much respect to Dosido for helping his fellow man Scar back to his feet

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