Rainbow Workout

AO: Shadow

When: 06/02/2018

QIC: Bi-Bo

PAX (): Seles, Green Bean, Mini, FNG Manny, FNG Gates, FNG Fist Founder, Fizz, Sleeper, Manhole

A “perfect 10” men showed up today for workout that was highlighted by a Rainbow, a few rumbles of thunder and a little rain followed by some sun to help raise the humidity a few percent.

Your Q is going to have to up his game and bring a few jokes to share during the wall sits to help pass the time.

A big welcome to Mini and the 3 FNG’s who came out to share in the festivities. Now that you know where we are, you’ll have to come back.

The Thang:

2 sets – 12 x SSH,  12 x merkin, 12 x squat
Mosey to lower nature ctr
12 x merkin,  12 x sumo squat,  12 x werkin,  12 x squat jump, 12 x stone mountain, 12 x hands up squats
6 x 20yd  uphill sprints
12 x merkin, 12 x baryshnikov’s,  12 x werkin, 12 x run stance switch, 12 x stone mountains, 12 x mountain climbers
6 x 20yd  uphill sprints
12 x merkin, 12 x toe tappers, 10 x curb derkins, 12  xcurbhop, 12 x stone mountains, 12 x arms up squat

mosey to bottom of nature center
24 x lbc, 12 x boxcutter, 24 x oblique, 12 x ABC, 24 x low flutter, 24 x Russion hammer

Mosey to mid nature center hill

Jacobs ladder: 6/1 hand release burpees at top of hill

Mosey to Austin

60 sec wall sit

12 x Merkins

60 sec wall sit

12 x Prisoner Squats

12 x Merkins


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