Pre-Blast for a BIG week in Cherokee 6/4

AO: Cherokee County

When: 06/04/2018

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Sadclowns beware, HIMs are everywhere!

Run down of the Beatdowns:

  • Monday: 5:30 am
    • The Kodiak  (Creekview HS)→ Q: C-4
    • The Hurt Locker (Veterans Park)→ Q: Babyface
    • The Clinic (Downtown Woodstock) → Q: Manning-LAUNCH***
  • Tuesday: 5:30 am
    • The Paragon (Dean Rusk MS) → Q: Spanx-VQ**
    • Cheetah (Holly Springs ES)→ Garfield
  • Wednesday: 5:30 am
    • The Kodiak (Creekview HS)→ Q: Misty
    • The Playground (Avery ES) → Q: The Mole
    • The Clinic (Downtown Woodstock) → Q: Lawdog
  • Thursday: 5:30 am
    • The Paragon (Dean Rusk MS) → Q: Spaceballs
    • Stoneclad Sequoyah Park)→ Q: Lawdog
  • Friday: 5:30 am
    • Crossroads (Avery ES) → Q: Wham-O
    • 3rd F @ the Barn →  Q: Homeboy → Men’s discussion group. 5:30-6:30 am
    • 2nd F → Lunch @ Chipotle @ Canton Marketplace (unless otherwise specified)
  • Saturday:
    • The Hurt Locker (Veterans Park):
      • PreRuck/Run: 6:00 am
      • Beatdown: 7:00 am → Q: Bloodhound
      • 2.0 Beatdown: 8:10 – 8:40 am → Q:Babyface (unless someone else wants it)
    • Wild Hog Mountain Biking (Blankets Creek) : 6:30 am – 8 am
      • Q: Hombre

Other News and events:

  • Gonna make it short this time: SOMEONE SIGN-UP TO Q THE 2.0s SO I DON’T HAVE TO CONSTANTLY DO IT.:
  • Spearhead Challenge: Read up for this call to arms.  This will help our continued growth:
  • Amicalola Falls Road trip beatdown scheduled for June 16th, DM Legionnaire
  • September there will be another GrowRuck Event, this time in Memphis.  Its an F3 only GoRuck with the founders of F3. It’s a great opportunity to grow leadership skills, but also to get to know other men from other regions and challenge yourself Mentally.  Cost is usually $150. To prep, The Birmingham region is hosting an overnight Ruck event Friday July 20th, let me know if you are interested, looks like a solid event

Upcoming F3 Dads events:

Final thoughts:

In lieu of a final thought this week, I wanted to post out the backstory behind the Clinic and give a little love to Manning for do a great job getting this thing off the ground. It’s a little long winded, kinda like Manning, but it’s a good little read.

True story, 5 year old Cricket, Mother’s Day weekend, bust my gums open and bit through my lip in a nasty big wheel accident thanks to the neighborhood bully, Mikey Picklesimer (no lie), and I was taken to that metal spaceship for stitches.  When I saw that place, I lost my mind wondering what was about to happen to me. Glad to hear it’s memory will live on via Sad Clown abduction!

On July 30, 1969, while Neil Armstrong uttered those infamous words,  “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” a small town doctor had his sites set on his own personal galactic vision. In the middle of on open pasture, Dr. A. Evan Boddy placed what the locals came to refer to as “The Jupiter Two”; a flying saucer shaped hospital.

Dr  Boddy was recruited in the summer of 1962 to serve as the lone physician for the then rural area of Woodstock, Georgia. As his practice grew and he experienced his patient’s needs, he realized that the travel time to the nearest hospital often presented a problem.  Most households were lucky if they had a car, and rural roads made traveling long distances difficult and time consuming. More than a simple sense of civic duty, he felt a deep compassion for the residents of his community.       

After visiting a World’s fair, Dr. Boddy devised a solution.  He purchased the mobile MASH unit that was on display and name it Cherokee Atomedic Hospital.

It was made from the silver aluminum, the type that most travel trailers were fashioned from ,and the combat portability allowed it to be set up easily.   It housed 13 pie shaped rooms with a corridor circling the outside edge. Each room was just large enough for a small bed and someone to stand beside the patient.  At the head of each bed was a tiny door allowing the it to be pulled into a center treatment area. The center area also housed the nursing station, kitchen and a surgical suite.

Time passed and as the needs of the community grew, he enlarged the hospital to 22 beds.  Dr, Boddy also built an outpatient CLINIC and a nursing home on the property, becoming the largest employer for Woodstock citizens.

But by 1994  improved roads made the larger hospitals in neighboring towns readily accessible, and the city voted to demolish the old hospital in favor of a new City Hall.

The hospital may no longer sit in a open cow pasture, metallic body gleaming  like an invading alien craft, but the memory of what one caring physician accomplished for his community will shine throughout time for the people of Woodstock.

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