2018 Spearhead Challenge

Summer is here with all of its glory. Days pool side, kicking back at the lake, and vacation with family. Hey, there is a reason we call it the lazy days of summer! It is great to relax and take off time to spend with family and friends, BUT we can’t let each other get too lazy.  Everyday we need to challenge ourselves (and each other) to grow as a leader. As leaders we must focus on our physical health, serving our community / family and growing spiritually. F3 is an excellent platform to accelerate in each one of these areas! 
Remember F3’s mission is to reinvigorate male community leadership!
If you have not heard, F3 is growing like crazy in Cherokee.  This summer we are launching Metro Atlanta’s newest region, F3 Cherokee! Not only are we excited to see F3 Cherokee grow but we want to see F3 Alpha and F3 Atlanta grow too! Metro Atlanta should be one of the biggest, most thriving regions in the country. Regions all across the US are expanding rapidly and converting sad clowns to HIM.  We want to do the SAME! With that said we need each member of the PAX to grow as leaders and help make that happen.  SO in an effort to fight the fartsack this summer and challenge the pax, YHC is announcing the 2018 SPEARHEAD Challenge. The SPEARHEAD will help each of us grow as leaders and build momentum behind F3 expansion through metro Atlanta. 
Should you accept the challenge, you will actively participate in the three F’s of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith by completing the following from June 4, 2018 – August 31, 2018:
1st F – Fitness (get stronger)
  • Post at least 3 times per week 
  • Post 5 times somewhere you do not usually post
  • New PAX: VQ 
  • Seasoned PAX: Q at least one time at an AO you do not normally attend
  • Complete a CSAUP event (This can be a 5K, triathlon, Spartan race, GORUCK challenge, etc)
2nd F – Fellowship (strengthen your fellowship)
  • Attend at least 1 – 2nd F event
  • Attend at least 3 coffeeterias (tailgate coffeteria counts)
  • Bring one FNG or bring a Kotter 
3rd F – Faith (make an impact)
  • Participate in two 3rd F opportunities. This can be a study of religious text, community service project or some other opportunity that involves thinking outside of your own interests.
  • Read one book on leadership / Freed to Lead would be a top recommendation if you have not read it yet. 
  • Plan a special date night with your M (no kiddos)
For successfully completing all requirements of the 2018 Spearhead Challenge, you will receive a SPEARHEAD patch and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made an impact in your community and you defeated the lure of summertime laziness. Additionally, all those deemed “SPEARHEAD” worthy will have earned the opportunity to purchase a custom SPEARHEAD tee to show off at your next workout.
Fill out THIS FORM and submit your $10 registration fee* to waylon@southernprofessionals.net on PayPal. If you must use cash, give it to your Site Q or me. Site Q’s hit me on Twitter (or email) and we will take care of payments. Deadline to register is 6/8/2018.
*Entry fees cover patch costs and are non-refundable, but should you fail to complete the challenge, the money will be donated to Ha-Ha for his upcoming service trip to Puerto Rico. 

  • We are operating 100% on the honor system. No lying and cheating. If the PAX finds out, your patch will be confiscated and you will be forced to wear a pink tank top that says SHAME on it to every beat down for one year.
  • Participation in regularly scheduled workouts will be tracked through backblasts. If you Q a workout, it is your responsibility to post a backblast, within in 24 hours. Failure to do so will most certainly draw the fire of the PAX and public shaming. If you need access to post on the website, request credentials ASAP.
  • If you organize a workout (mountain bike, Ruck, etc.,) that is not regularly scheduled, you are responsible for posting a backblast on the website with the PAX list to ensure everyone receives credit.
  • If you are on traveling and no AO is available, beatdowns on your own are counted as posting. Post a quick recap of your beatdown on Twitter. Shirtless selfies are a PLUS!
  • Rucking or running before a regular workout should be considered as one post for tracking purposes.
  • 2nd F will be handled by posting photo evidence of the PAX in attendance on Twitter – required!
  • If you have questions, please direct them to me. I will do my best to answer them.
Looking forward to making a difference this summer with each of you, growing as a HIM and most importantly, growing F3 Atlanta, F3 Alpha and F3 Cherokee! 

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