H0.0ch = Bushw0.0d

AO: The Hooch- Bushw0.0d

When: 06/01/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Jimbo, Boomer, Scrooge, Sunshine, the Dab

The H0.0ch officially moved in the its summer home yesterday and YHC is glad to report that no one drowned.  6 strong pushed through and came through on the other end tired and wet.

Here’s what went down:

Workout Playlist Booming

First 25…no warm up. Dora 1, 2, 3, 4.

100 Merkins, 200 Dips, 300 LBCs , and 400 squats…one  partner on the exercises while the other carried their Rucksack over their head for a lap around the clubhouse.

5 MOM various exercises

Swim Laps with pain stations

PAX picked a lane 1-4 .  At the end of each lane there was a list of auxiliary exercises (Arms, Legs, Cardio, and Core).

Here’s how it worked…swim 25 meters, do the exercises for that lane, swim back, and shift to the next lane.  Each pax had a turn at each lane.  200 meters freestyle.

We got out and COT’d.

Scrooge, Sunshine, and YHC stayed for some extra credit laps.

What we learned:

  • No pool access until 6 o’clock sharp.  YHC is looking through the covenants to determine the penalty for taking that rule as a suggestion.
  • Swimming is hard
  • Boomer “liked” swimming
  • Laminated Weinkes are great for pool beatdowns

We would love to see you out with us one Friday!

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