The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

AO: Stoneclad

When: 05/31/2018

QIC: Harp

PAX (): Woody, Chitwood, Cricket

Three PAX ditched the fartsack this sticky morning and braved the gloom at Stoneclad with YHC.  We got on some kettle bells to change it up a bit and this is what went down:


Short Mosey

SSH x 15

Windmills x 12

Weed Pickers x 12

Michael Phelps x OYO

Arm Throws x OYO

The Thang

We partnered up…

Group 1 – One partner did a farmer carry the length of the parking lot (about 50 yrds) and back with two heavy kettle bells while the other partner performed LBCs and then they switched.  Rinse and repeat and this time we got on some flutter kicks while the other partner carried.  Rinse and repeat and lastly with some heel touches .  Each PAX performed three total farmer carries.

Group 2 – One partner did walking lunges for approximately 20 yards and back while the other partner performed shoulder presses and goblet squats with kettle bells.  When partner returned they switched.  This went on until other group completed farmer carries.

We then came together for some Ring of Fire.  With one PAX  in the middle performing 18 kettle bell swings, the ring of fire started with the remaining PAX each performing 6 Merkins in cadence with the swings and then holding plank.   Each PAX got their chance inside the Ring of Fire performing the kettle bell swings.  We went another round but this time each PAX performed 18 BBS in cadence with every swing for a total of 54 BBS.

Then, we lined up for some short 20 yard sprints.  Starting on our belly, we sprinted on command and walked back to starting line.  A total of 10 sprints were completed.

Lastly, we finished with some Merkins and Air Squats 11’s.  Jog to cone and perform 10 Merkins and jog back to starting cone for 1 air squat.  Jog back to cone for 9 Merkins and jog back for 2 air squats…and so on.


Harp – Dying Cockroach

Cricket – LBC’s

Woody – American Hammers

Chitwood – Freddy Mercury’s


Prayers for all traveling this summer.

Downtown Woodstock Beatdown cranks up Monday 6/4

Growruck in late September

F3, FIA, 2.0 beatdown this Saturday 6/2 at The Hurt Locker



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