Grab Your Partner

AO: Big Creek

When: 05/31/2018

QIC: Whiz

PAX (): Whiz, Snake, Swiper, The Body, Olaf, Gonzo

6 PAX just said no to the fart sack and made the better choice to lay some bricks at Big Creek this morning.  The sky was clear and the air was thick with moisture.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 15 IC
  • Good Mornings x 10 IC (picked this up in Nashville recently – hard to explain but does a great job stretching out the back)

The Thang:

Pair-up for some partner 11’s down by the playground (a la Whammo):

  • Top of Hill – Bro-kins (perform merkin facing partner with alternating hand slap at the top)
  • Bottom of Hill – Bro-pees (perform burpee facing partner with high-five at top of jump)

Shake that off and mosey over to the big rock pile and crab a coupon for a Dora 1-2-3 by kill-a-man-jaro hill.

Partner 1 backward moseys up the hill to the first light pole and forward moseys back down while partner 2 performs:

  • 100 american hammers w/ coupon
  • 200 rows w/ coupon
  • 300 squats w/ coupon

Redeposit coupons and indian run back toward the flag stopping at the pavilion for some bench and table work:

  • Big-0’s x 20 OYO (10 clockwise, 20 counter)
  • Jump-Ups x 20 Group Count
  • Step-Ups x 20 IC

Mosey back to the flag for 2 quick MOM:

  • Side plank dips x 10 IC (each side)
  • Horizontal SSH x 15 IC (a la Hombre)


Prayers for Swiper and his family as they travel to NC this weekend, for Snake as he continues his job search, and for The Body and his M as they prepare to teach a VBS class at their church.

5 PAX for coffeteria after…no Darth sighting to report…

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