An early celebration of 39

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/31/2018

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX (): Ha-ha, Boomer, Cookie, Spandex, Nacho Libre, Miller Time, Zohan, Beauty, Swingline, Pellets, Waterboy, Lowes, Special K, Scar, Kruger, Bronco, Pit Stop,

My understanding is you are required to Q around your birthday and then mix in your age somehow. And so 18 showed up in the gloom free of rain and ready to go.


We mosey to the pool lot for a total of 39 stretches:
14X SSH (lost count)
13XSprinklers (From the f3 Exercise list where you hold your arms in front and twist left and right while you push each knee the opposite way….Make it catch on)
12XWeed Pickers

The Thang

Mosey to the planters for Dips and Step ups. 20X rinse repeat 19X

Mosey to the Field of Dreams for a round around the bases
At home: 20X Bat Wings
At first: 20X American Hammers
At second: 20X Merkins
At third: 20X Squats
Pax choice was to lunge or run between bases. Nobody lunged the first round and so it was called out and we lunged between each base in the second round of 19X of each exercise.

39 means I have just 11 years before the PAX will show me respect in COT. Perhaps at least a couple of us will still be in the gloom in that time. We go for a round of 11’s and PAX choice was use the hill.
Mountain Climbers at the bottom (start 10X) and LBC at the top (start 1X)

If I was not mistaken I thought I heard Pit Stop calling some exercises while we wait for the 6. Have we seen a VQ yet, Pit Stop?

At this point the group is working hard but moving fast. Ha-ha accepts my request for help and everyone partners up for an exercise where you push your partners (laying on the ground) legs toward the ground while they lift up. Rounds of 30x for each.

Mosey back to the flag. Scar starts some Mary while I prepare for COT. He honors the theme with 39 flutter kicks. We total 39 Freddy Mercury with a small break and finish with 10 merkins from Pit Stop.


Praise and prayers for the neighbor recovering from surgery
Prayers for daughters and sisters as they work through some difficulties

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