Something New, Something Borrowed

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/30/2018

QIC: Circus

PAX (): Aflac, Doogie, Thumper, Sprocket, Patch, Sellout, Rusty, Polaroid, Nature Boy, Mad Dog, Miller Time, Bear, Corn Hole and Brisket (FNG)

An amazing PAX of 14 including an FNG showed in the steady downpour (and some thunder) for a morning beat down.

Warm Up

Half mile run – mosey to the awning in front of the gymnastics building and circled up for the following exercises:

Toy Soldiers

Cotton Pickers

Slow Squats

Slow Merkins

The Thang

Something New (duck pond)

Using the two-handed seat carry technique, groups of three man teams took turns carrying each other around the pond for a total of three laps.

Something Borrowed (parking lot & football field)

From concession stand to gazebo lunge walk 40-50 yards out, run back to the wall for 15 donkey kicks against a wall. Plank with feet on wall for the six.

Flip, rinse and repeat, run 40-50 yards out, lunge walk back to the wall for 30 donkey kicks against the wall. Plank with feet on wall for six.

Mosey to football field, then, bear crawl 50 yards the width of end zone. Audible called due to lack of time, so, no crawl bears or crabwalks. We’ll have to do that next time!

Mosey back to the start and do some Mary while waiting for the 6 including everyone’s favorite (well, at least Aflac’s favorite) dying cockroach and LBC’s until time was called.


Looking forward  to supporting new AO launches in Woodstock (06/04/2018) and East Roswell Park (06/19/2018). Prayers for Goat’s daughter and Chelsea’s M.


This morning was proof that men of The Wreck won’t let a few sprinkles of rain keep them away from a good workout. Props to Nature Boy for sponsoring an FNG whom the Pax dubbed Brisket.  I’d say there are more than a few BBQ fans at this AO who’d like to see what kind of BBQ prep’ skills he brings to the table (literally!).  Six PAX for coffee at CLC afterwards.

Circus out!

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