Line it up!

AO: The Kodiak

When: 05/30/2018

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Quagmire, Alcoa, C-4, Wham-o, Aquaman, Natty Lite, Hombre, Dori, Cricket, Voodoo, Whiz, Misty, Bloodhound, Legionairre

The Threat of rain was high for this mornings beatdown, but the PAX of Cherokee know that inclement weather only makes the gloom more fun.  So 15 men woke up early, took the DRP, and headed out into gloom, most of which got the memo to bring gloves, and did some hard things this morning.

After a quick disclaimer, we moseyed around the parking lot for a bit before circling up for a quick


  • SSH (IC)
  • Windmills (IC)
  • Sungods (OYO)

Then we crossed to the middle school to get started on

The Thang:

YHC hadn’t visited his old friend Jack Webb for a while so we circled up in front of the MS Bus lanel and got reacquainted.  Following that we lined up for a 4-corner escalator consisting of: 10 Monkey humpers; 20 Merkins; 30 Squats; 40 BBS – Hold Plank for the 6

We followed that up with something terrible that came to mind YHC called Curb Hand Step Up with Bear Crawls to the front of the line.  PAX line up on the curb, get in plank position with hands on the curb and continuously “step up” and back down with their hands on and off the curb.  The PAX at the end of the line bear crawls to the front. This continued until we made it through the whole line. After that we headed to the school and lined up along the wall for: 10 – 2 Holds and Star jumps – line up on the wall, start from both sides and work our way to the middle with pax running from the wall to do the star jumps – 10 Star jumps – all wall sit; 8 Star jumps – all plank; 6 Star Jumps – Reverse Plank; 4 Star Jumps – 6 inches; 2 Star Jumps – Handstand hold.

Finally we Lined up and did a round of Suicides at the light poles. Starting at the far side of the bus lane, run to the soccer line, and back, to the middle light pole, and back, then to the far light and stay and hold 6 inches (with legs Misty) until the 6 is in.

Back to the Flag for a round of American Hammers


  • Prayers for Homeboys dad
  • Prayers for Voodoo’s son as he travels with his Creekviews National Champion Rocket engineering team to the UK this summer
  • Prayers for Aquaman’s Father-in-law
  • Prayers for all that are traveling


  • Would love to get a good sized group together for the Memphis GrowRuck in September (21st – 23rd), let us know if your interested.
  • Ruck Club coming together soon
  • The Clinic will launch next Monday
  • F3/Fia/2.0 workout this Saturday at 7:30 at Veterans Park, come join the fun.

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