Cinder Block Buddies

AO: The Playground

When: 05/30/2018

QIC: Chitwood

PAX (): Hasbro, Fleetwood, The Bern, Dandy (respect), The Mole, Chitwood

6 PAX  posted this morning waiting for yet another beatdown filled with storms from yet another mess in the gulf.

To keep dry this beatdown was chosen from one done couple months ago (Q to remain nameless) that left lingering pain for days.  Best part is, it required no running, keeping true to the 0.0 promise of The Playground.

5:30 hits and we Slow Mosey just enough to say we moved our legs.  Dandy may have run a mile as fast as the flash and we just didn’t see him leave and return, but who knows for sure.

SSH – (20) IC
Cotton Pickers – (10) IC
Sun Gods – OYO
Michael Phelps – OYO (just to shake out the rest of Monday’s Murph)

The Thang:
Each Pax partnered up with a Cinder Black for the mornings beatdown.  This partner was to be cradled, lifted and touch in every exercise.

10 exercises – 40 seconds exercise/20 seconds rest
3 full Rounds

AMRAP with Block
1. Goblet Squat
2. Rows
3. Reverse Lunge with Twist
4. Maktar N’Diayes with block pull-through
5. Right side lunge
6. Curls
7. Left side lunge
8. Walk over merkin
9. Lunge Jumps
10. Thrusters

With a little time leftover:
5 Burpees with block press overhead
4 Burpees with block press overhead
3 Burpees with block press overhead
2 Burpees with block press overhead
1 Burpees with block press overhead

(That’s 15 total – maths it OYO)


On your six for Dandy to call Flutter Kicks
Pass to The Mole who calls LBCs
Pass to Fleetwood who calls Freddie Mercury


Prayers for The Bern for strength as father/leader
QIC challenged PAX to pick a day to say “yes” to kids no matter what.  Helps to realize how often and quickly we say “no” to our kids when we really could choose “yes”.  As to be expected, QIC took much pessimism from Hasbro.

Shout out to The Mole for Voluntolding YHC to Q.

The Playground bell has rung until next time….

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