Let’s Do This – 10 out of 11 Ain’t Bad

AO: Rubicon

When: 05/29/2018

QIC: Lowes

PAX (): Cookie, Ha-Ha, Scar, Zohan, Pitstop, Spandex, Bo Knows, Pellets, Lumberg, Krueger, Special K, Nacho Libre, Mayhem, Lowes, FNG (Beauty), FNG (name TBD)

**Backblast written by Lowes, posted to F3Alpha by Cookie**

After 2+ months of dry beatdowns at the Rubicon (that I was present for at least), it would only be fitting to have a nice downpour for my VQ! And so there was, right on schedule for our mosey to the flagpole for warmups!
After a little reminder of where my home improvement allegiance lies, I educated the group on how THD has outperformed Lowes in a key performance area (Same Store Sales Growth aka Comp Sales) for 10 out of the last 11 quarters, how I am currently in my 10th year of employment with said largest and best home improvement retailer in the world, and how, as a result, all exercises this morning would involve the number 10.

The Warmup
SSH (10)
Weedpicker (10)
Imperial Walker (10)

Thing One
With a quick mosey to the playground, it was time for some 10 to 1 featuring Donkey Kicks, Pullups and Squats. After finding every mud puddle in the park, the PAX proceeded to do mountain climbers (e.g. mountain sliders) and plank for the six.

Thing Two
Next up was a mosey to the rock pile and then to the hill by the FOD. We’ve all heard of 7s and 11s. Well keeping with this morning’s theme, it was time for 10s featuring bicep curls with your rock at the bottom of the hill and sumo squats at the top of the hill. After a brief Air Chair for the six, it was on to the Field of Dreams.

Thing Two-and-a-Half
At first I had considered doing 10 laps around the outfield, but I didn’t want to be excommunicated from the group (and Thing One and Thing Two took a little longer than expected) so I settled instead for 10 laps around the bases, alternating between a mosey pace and a “push yourself” pace. As we were nearing the end of our 45 minutes of fun in the rain, I had to call time before we were done. Let’s call it 10ish laps for the record.
Mosey to the Flag
Freddie Mercury (10)
LBC (10)
Flutter Kick (10)

Welcome to FNG (Beauty) and FNG who had to leave early (I hope I didn’t run him off)! Prayers for the PAX who are traveling. Since school is out now Coffeteria after each beatdown (Starbucks Alpharetta Crossing).

Given the lovely wall mural our muddy feet created, Cookie, Pit Stop and Lowes returned to the donkey kick wall for some Rinse and Repeat

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