Hurpees at The Cheetah, followed by Burning

AO: The Cheetah

When: 05/29/2018

QIC: Kiffin

PAX (): Thrasher, Woody, Garfield, Manning, Ricky Bobby, Kiffin

After the long weekend 6 men braved the rain to post at the Cheetah (back to reality).  The rain lets up just before 5:30 and it looks like we may not get that wet.  But then YHC remembered what I had planned.  One day after an epic Murph beatdown (props to all who posted and completed) what else would be concentrate on but gassing our shoulders. Wonder how Q’ing 6 will be different than 27… can’t be that different, right?  Let’s Mosey boys.


  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Michael Phelps (OYO)
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps (must get loose before The Thang)

The Thang

Mosey around to the bus lanes to the first of 3 light poles.  Start with 5 Hurpees (hand release Burpees) then run to the far end and do 5 Derkins with feet on the bench.  Then run back to 2nd light pole for 10 Hurpees and back for more Derkins.  Back to 3rd light pole for 15 Hurpees and back for more Derkins.  Then work your way back with 10 then 5 Hurpees.  When at the end run all the way back to the far end for more Derkins, just for fun (and the fact that we finished much quicker than I had hoped).

Before we mosey around the school let’s make sure we get the shoulders to burn a little more by doing Bat Wings (4 count 10 each without putting arms down between of Arm Circles Forward, Arm Circles Backwards, Seal Claps, Overhead claps).  Now I can start to feel them…

Mosey all the way around the back of the school  back to the parking lot.  Circle up for some Jack Webbs (Merkins followed by 4X Air Presses).  Started with 2 Merkins then increased by 2 each round.  After some counting difficulty by YHC, the Burn started to set in.  We completed up to 10 Merkins / 40 Air Presses.

Wow, we still have A LOT of time let!  No cause for panic I have an extra exercise built in for just such an occasion.  Mosey over to the back entrance of the school.  Team up for a little catch me if you can.  Down and back with 5 Merkins before each chase begins.  (Man these PAX are killing it!).

No worries, I now have the exercise that will take us home until time for Marys.  Mosey back to the beginning for Cheetah Crawl Ring of Fire (crawl in a circle until the Q calls for 10 Merkins OYO.  Then start the crawl again).  Remember to keep your tail down.  We are not bears.  After 2 rounds YHC is all Merkin’d out.  No problem let’s do Mary’s until time.

The Marys consisted of LBC’s (YHC), The Dying Cockroach (Ricky Bobby), Gas Pumpers (YHC), Crunchy Frogs (Woody), Captain Thor (Thrasher).  Here is where things fell off the rails… Captain Thor right after Crunchy Frogs?! Thrasher, what were you thinking?!  Realizing we still had time left, YHC called an audible halfway through Captain Thor.  Sorry Thrasher.

Line up at the edge of the parking lot and do Merkin Suicides (shoulders had recovered a bit) w/ 10 Merkins at the beginning each time. After round 1, time enough to rinse and repeat.  Then back to the beginning for COT.


In Ephesians 6, Paul tells us about putting on the whole armor of God.  The “Shield” of Faith that Paul talks about is not a small battle shield.  It is the large Shields that are meant to be locked together with your brothers for protection.  It only works when working together with other men of faith.  That is the beauty of F3.  A group of men with shields locked, working together, supporting and protecting each other.  (Probably should go without saying but Cuban influences so many of these for me, he gets permanent credit).

Remember Mickey’s close friends during the loss of their son.  Pray for Ford (young child with Copperhead bite).  Keep us all open to each other and supporting each other.

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