F3 MTB Club

AO: F3 MTB Club: Wild Hogs and Del Fuegos

When: 06/09/2018

QIC: Hombre, Spaceballs

PAX (): The Pax

The Pax in Cherokee County have trained hard over the last several weeks (some harder than others) in preparation for an epic 8 hour adventure race. Some of that training involved Saturday morning beatdowns with running and mountain biking. There was a general consensus: This is Freakin’ Awesome! So welcome the F3 MTB Club to the the F3 Nation. (YHC is sure this has been done before somewhere else, but we are claiming it as an original idea to call ourselves “originals”)

Starting June 9th, we are launching a mountain bike beatdowns at Blankets Creek and Rope Mill on the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s of the month.  Beatdowns will start at 6:30am and finish at 8:00am alternating between the 2 AOs. 2nd Saturday at Blankets, 4th Saturday at Rope Mill.  This should give plenty of time to warm-up and ride to be finished by 8:00am sharp. Foreplay and Cuddling are encouraged. (Calm down – Look up Foreplay in the lexicon and you can figure out what Cuddling means.) We will follow trail rules as explained by SORBA. They are the organization that maintains the trails. When the trails are closed, the beatdown is canceled.  When the trails are open, the beatdown is on.  http://sorbawoodstock.org/

The first beatdown (Wild Hogs) will be launched at Blankets Creek on June 9th at 6:30 am.  Site Q Hombre The beatdown (Del Fuegos) at Rope Mill will be June 23rd. Site Q is Spaceballs.

If you mountain bike or want to mountain bike join the club.  All experience levels welcome. If Hombre and Spaceballs can get YHC through the mountains of Blue Ridge Georgia on a mountain bike, they can lead you anywhere.


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