Order in the Court – VQ on the Fly…

AO: Stoneclad

When: 05/24/2018

QIC: Chitwood

PAX (): Lawdog (kind of), Cricket, Dory, Good Hands, Hooch, Harp, Chitwood

Pour yourself a cup of Dark Black Heaven, sit-back and enjoy.

Lexicon word of the day…..SITE-Q:  The Leader Charged with overall responsibility for a particular Workout.

6 Pax awaited this muggy gloom beatdown for what had been promised to be “a great beatdown sure to be better than anything manning could come up with” – Lawdog via Paragon Water Cooler 8:23 pm

The Pax waited.  And Waited.  And Waited. And Waited.

5:29 am rolls around and it ain’t looking good.

Cricket moseys to his car to send out a Lawdog APB.

F3 workouts promise to start on time and end on time so 5:31 hits and there is nothing left to do except grab the Dog by its horns and get to it.

The Court in now in Session.

Mosey to the end of the parking lot to get this Law and Order Drama gone wrong in sworn in.


SSH – (20) IC

Cotton Pickers – (15) IC

Sun Gods – OYO

Mosey to the Prison Playground…..

The Thang:

Find your Co-Council and partner up.

3 Stations

Station 1: Pullups – 5

Station 2: Swerkins – 10

Station 3: Lunge Jumps – 20 (10 per leg)

Pax were suppose to go in order but since there was no Order in the Court today the Pax ended up running it in the reverse order.

Rounds 1 and 2 complete……..oh wait!   Order in the Court!!!  All hail the not-so-honorable Lawdog (5:44 am) 

With tail between his legs, shackled limbs and muzzle on, the bailiff shows him to his Council.

You may be seated…..

Rinse and repeat rounds 3, 4 and 5.

Plank up waiting on the Six.

Mosey down to the Black Hole.

50 Dips

100 Big Boy Situps

150 Box Jumps

200 LBC

Split with Co-Council.

Instead of planking, Pax went back and finished strong with the Six.

Slow Mosey back to the parking lot.

Start at parking space 11 and Bear Crawl to Space 1.

Crabwalk back to space 11.

Lawdog was offered a Plea Bargain:

To retract his statements from Tuesday in which he claimed

“Cheetah Crawls have been around” and “every type of animal crawl was done in the pouring rain” at load the ark bd at the rubicon.  (email the court for the transcript)

The defendant was unwilling to retract his exaggerated statements and so we repeated the Bear Crawl down and Crabwalk back. 

6:10am – Circle up for some Mary.

Around the Jurors Circle each pax called out an exercise:

Lawdog – American Hammer

Cricket – Crab Crakes

Dory – Box Cutter

Good Hands – Freddie Mercury

Hooch – Shoulder Taps

Harp – Dying Cockroach

6:16.  Stated a minute late.  Ended a minute late to make it a complete beatdown.

The Jury has finished deliberating and Lawdog has been found Guily.

Judge sentencing limits Lawdogs tweets to 3 a day for a week.


Prayers for our brother Badger’s Family

Prayer for Cricket’s M and her Dr. Appointment and for the miracle she is carrying.

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