“Feeling it in the air — this morning”

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/24/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Ha-Ha, Devito, Pitstop, Whoops, Spandex, Cookie, MillerTime, Krueger, Hat trick, Murduck, Foghorn, Nacho, Crab Legs, Special K, Pellets, Lumberg, Mayhem, Scar, Waterboy, Zima

Whenever I am scheduled to lead a BD, I tweet the night before in an effort to get PAX to come out.  As my tweet  hit the twitter-o-sphere and into Slack last night, it apparently lit the fires of a certain few Pax this morning!  The notion of Phil Collins being included in today’s BD generated PLENTY of mumble chatter.  You know who you are fellas!

With that, let’s get to the fun.  We began with a mosey to the west side of the park for the Warm-o-rama.


Warm up consisted of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Picker and ended finally with Merkins.  Next a mosey over to the horse track.

The Thang I

To begin, we started with a round of 4 Corners.  First was 10 wide grip merkins.  Run to next corner, for 10 merkins, 20 monkey humpers.  Run to next corner for 10 merkins, 20 monkey humpers, 30 4 count American Hammers.   Run to last corner for 10 merkins, 20 monkey humpers, 30 4 count American Hammers and 40 squats – (use good form!)  A brief round of Mary for the 6 and then it’s a mosey to the playground.

The Thang II

Once at the playground, PAX partnered up.  Partner 1 started with pull-ups, while partner 2 does burpees until parter 1 finishes their pull-ups.  Rep counts for pull-ups were: 10,8,6,4,2.  Once all PAX returned from pull-ups it was time for one more partner exercise.  Partner 1 assumed balls-to-wall position while other partner prepared to do plank jacks.  Partner 1 held balls-to-the wall for 30 secs and partner 2 did as many plank jacks as possible – then flapjack.  Now, the mumble chatter starts to pick up when the Q is asked ‘how many rounds’ before we even start.  SO…round 2 same format except instead of holding BTTW for 30 secs – PAX had to hold for 60 secs.   After that fun, time to mosey to Field of Dreams.

The Thang III

On the way to FOD, a brief stop for one round of Mary for the 6.  Then  lunge walk to home plate.  Now, when I played organized sports (yes, Ha-Ha I did play sports lol) if one player could hit make their free throw or one players misses a cutoff man, the whole team suffers.  So, since there was sooooo much Mumble chatter, we did some wind sprints.  Sprinted from home plate down the 3rd base line just to where the infield stops and the outfield begins.  We did this 4 times all the way around the diamond till we got back home.  Once, back at home plate one more mosey back to the flag, but on the way a stop at the pavilion for a round of dips.  Now, once we got back to the flag it was TIME FOR PHIL COLLINS.  My plan was to have all PAX hold plank position the entire length of the “In the Air Tonight”, but 1) I cut the time too short making back to the flag and 2) I think the guys deserved a little more than just plank position.  So, at certain points during the song I called down – which meant do a Merkin.  Once the song hit the infamous drum solo, it was Burpee time!  Burpees continued until we hit 6:15.


Welcome back Kotter – Murdock!  and Welcome FNG Waterboy.  Prayers for the family that lost a fellow F3 brother Badger.  For those that wore red, we huddled up for a picture in his honor.  Prayers also for Waterboy as he works to overcome relationship struggles he’s dealt with in his life.

Announcements:  Friday lunch @ Salsaritas off Winward pkwy.  Q’s needed for Saturday Widowmaker.  Sign up sheet located on F3Alpha.com

Finally – Thanks to all that enjoyed giving me grief for bringing out Phil Collins.  Special thanks to Miller Time who said Phil Collins was his favorite when he was 10….






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