scrap the plan, shirtless Homeboy, incredible COT

AO: The Playground

When: 05/23/2018

QIC: The Mole

PAX (): Hasbro, Chitwood, Dosido, Dandy, Homeboy, Wham-o, The Bern, The Mole

YHC was trying to be proactive and wrote out a good beatdown on Sunday night (three days pre-gloom).  Then YHC read the backblast from Monday’s beatdown at the Kodiak courtesy of Floppy and he stole YHC’s idea pulling some ALARMs.  So YHC had to rewrite the beatdown amid all the work/family craziness during the week.  Then came the actual beatdown with yet more revisions….   While the beatdown was awesome, none of that matters as much as the COT.  Skip to the end of you like…


Copperhead Squats IC
Moroccan Nightclubs IC
Windmill IC

The Thang:

“Morning Call” – PAX holds plank while one of the PAX performs 5 pull-ups.  With each pull-up rep, the PAX does a merkin.  Rotate to the next PAX until all have done 5 pullups.  (If YHC math is correct, with 8 PAX that’s 35 merkins and 5 pullups)

Dora 1-2-3
100 Merkins – 200 BBS – 300 Squats
Partner 1 does exercises while Partner 2 carries concrete block overhead to lightpole and back (in lieu of running since this is a 0.0 workout).
Some groups finished quicker than others at which point we added in 2-3 sets of partner rows.  As this was Dandy’s first experience with partner rows, it was fitting that his partner was an already shirtless Homeboy.  Homeboy made sure to make deep eye contact with Dandy and show him proper way to perform partner rows.
After working with the six to complete the last sets of squats YHC had to think on the fly as there was not enough time for the Conveyor Belt plan that was previously concocted.

All PAX grabbed a coupon for:
10 curls – 20 Lunges – 30 Rows
rinse and repeat


With approximately 5 minutes left YHC fumbled with the TABATA app on the phone trying to get the settings back to 20 seconds exercise with 10 seconds rest.  With a short delay of approx. 30 seconds (PAX held plank), YHC asked for two Mary suggestions from the PAX.  Freddie Mercury and Heel Touches!

During the sets more technical difficulties ensued, but were overcome with Dosido calling out starts/stops and YHC finally getting a stopwatch working.


—During Name-o-rama The Bern recognized Hasbro and shared a time several years ago when he was going through a really rough time and Hasbro helped him out and wrote him an encouraging letter.  The Bern mentioned that he has kept said letter and still reads it periodically.  Good work Hasbro!  That’s HIM work through and through.
—Homeboy and his family doing a Lighthouse Retreat at the end of June.  Lighthouse is a great organization that encourages and strengthens families dealing with childhood cancer.   If you would like to donate to Homeboy’s trip here’s the link:
—YHC encouraged the PAX to love our M’s as Christ loved the church in that he laid down his life for her.  (Eph 5).  What small things are we doing each day to lay down our life for our M?  Maybe it’s getting up to do the dishes.  Maybe it’s doing a load of laundry without being asked.  Maybe it’s watching her TV show instead of that ball game you want to watch (YHC very guilty of not doing this).  Maybe it’s something bigger.  But we cannot love our M’s this way if we have not received that love from Jesus.  So allow Jesus to love you and then your cup will naturally overflow to your M and your 2.0’s.  Scripture says that we love because Jesus first loved us.  So allow yourself to be loved.  Only then will you be able to love your M and 2.0’s.

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