Big Wheel’s VQ

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/23/2018

QIC: Big Wheel

PAX (): Cardinal, Sprocket, Grease Monkey, Hoosier, Rusty, Squeegee, Switch, Bronco, Patch, Mad Dog, Circus, Hat trick, Virginia Slim, Fun Run, Crab Legs, Thumper, I-Beam, Doogie, DD

The Wreck’s third minor (under 18) VQ of the month.  Big Wheel (16 yrs 7 mths) had the Q and 0530 hit and he took charge.

Mosey to the Baseball field (where everyone eventually complains about chemical burns a day or two later)

Warm up  16 of each
Big boys Sit-ups

The Thang

10 was the count
Merkins – 1 Lap around the field
Merkins, Slow squats – 1 lap
Merkins, slow squats, Shoulder press – 1 lap
Merkins, Slow squats, shoulder press, Mountain climbers – 1 lap
Merkins, slow squats, shoulder press, mountain climbers, American hammers

Mosey to the stadium steps
2 groups – 1 runs 3 sets of stadiums and does wall dips while other group runs a lap around outside of football field. Then switch. Rinse and repeat.

With time winding down, we couldn’t finish with 4 corners as planned so audible was called by Virginia Slim (Good quite co-Q, Thumper should take notes…).
Tight circle at the 50 yd line to do a ring around the “3” – ??? They wrote it, I didn’t….
One person calls the exercise and runs around the circle while group does the exercise passing the next exercise to person on left. All exercises had to be close together because of the limited space between the Pax.
Many Burpees, merkins, American hammers, Big boys and other exercises were done to complete the circle.

A quick mosey back to the flag, up the false flat (giant incline) next to the school, in front of the pond where we landed back at the flag with no time for Mary.

Prayers for Mad Dog’s wife
Rooney as he works through finding replacements at work.

Good note from Slim that I couldn’t omit:
I also don’t have a twitter account. Maybe I will open one. And get with the times. (#Respect – that will explain it)

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