The Cheetah breaks loose

AO: The Cheetah

When: 05/22/2018

QIC: Ricky Bobby

PAX (): Kiffin, Garfield, Serena

The Cheetah sees its first shovel flag!

First Q and post at The Cheetah.  Had a small ‘intimate’ workout this AM with some amazing men.  YHC was a little worried about the lighting situation at this new AO, but all turned out well and we pushed hard.   YHC started with a quick reminder on how F3 is about the other guy.  Starting new AO’s is not about just moving around or finding new places to workout.  It is about providing opportunity for growth within and providing a space for SadClowns to come and become HIM’s.


  • 16 SSH IC
  • 15 Weed Pickers IC
  • 30 Seconds of Michael Phelps
  • 15 Windmills IC

Mosey’d around to the bus lanes for the start of:

The Thang:

YHC lined the Pax up at bus lane 5 (there are 16 + a cul de sac).  Pax performed a set of 11’s here.  Starting at bus lane 5, 1 burpee then mosey to the bench at the back side of  the cul de sac for 10 seated dips.  Mosey back to bus lane 5, do 2 burpees, and so on till numbers where switched.  Totaling:

With only 4 in the Pax, YHC didn’t see the 10 count fitting…..modify as needed. So, a quick 5 count was in order.  Then mosey down the back hill for what was to be introduced as the Cheetah Crawl and Attack.

At bottom of hill, PAX got down with a Cheetah Crawl (bear crawl while keeping your tail low) half way up the hill, then sprint to attack your prey to the top.  Mosey back down to bottom and start over. x5

Pax then mosey’d around the back side of the school where 1 HIM had much chatter about picking up abandoned clothing and wearing it….even if it was to small. (Seems fitting for the Cheetah)

On far side of the parking lot, Pax lined up for Merkin Suicides. Start with 5 merkins, run to first parking spot lines and back, 10 merkins then run to second line and back, 15 merkins to last line and back to end with 20 merkins. Totalling:

Mosey’d back to the flag for a round of partner chosen Mary.

  • Assorted Planks
  • LBC’s
  • Freddie Mercury’s
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Ring of Bear ? ? (Pretty sure that one was made up on the spot)
  • Peter Parkers till time was up


  • Prayers for Kiffin’s M.  Going back in for some heart work tomorrow.
  • Prayers for Garfield and his growing family, it comes with many thoughts of confusion and lack of understand.
  • Prayers for Ricky Bobby and his family struggles.


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