Three Alarm Beatdown

AO: The Kodiak

When: 05/21/2018

QIC: Floppy

PAX (): Hombre, Voodoo, Cheesehead, The Bern (FNG), Westside, Yogi, Misty, Swisher, Legionnaire, Dori

It’s Oh Five Thirty, let’s Skedaddle!!!
You know, it’s a bit quicker than a Mosey…


  • SSH x20
  • Cotton Picker x15
  • Imperial Walker x15
  • Sun Gods OYO

We were 11 strong with a new FNG joining us for a beatdown at the Kodiak. YHC was pleasantly surprised, given this weekend’s Tour de Blue Ridge 8 hour race that several of our PAX completed over the weekend. Today we had a new routine (at least new to YHC!). ALARMs!!! But first…

Thang 1:

ROUTE 66. Run to 1st Light Post, 1 Burpee. Run to 2nd Light Post, 2 Burpees. 11 Lightposts and 66 Burpees. Planking while waiting for the six.

Did you guys know there are only 10 light posts between the Kodiak Flag and the infamous circle? YHC only knows from driving it this morning before the beatdown and counting… losing count… trying again… yeah 10! We added the extra light post near the Kodiak Flag to make sure we got in all 66 Burpees. Plank while waiting for the six. And then…

Thang 2:

It’s a 3 ALARM Beatdown!!! Skedaddle on over from the circle behind the school to the U-Turn in the parking lot in front of the school. Start at the end furthest from the field.


ALARM 1: 25 Shoulder Press, 25 Monkey Humpers, 25 BBSU’s, Run to other end, 25 Merkins, Run Back. Mary while waiting for the six.

ALARM 2: 25 Shoulder Taps, 25 Lunges, 25 LBC, Run to the other end, 25 Merkins, Run Back. Mary while waiting for the six.

ALARM 3: 10 Burpees, 25 Jump Squats, 25 Flutter Kicks, Run to the other end, 25 Merkins, Run Back. Mary one last time waiting for the six.

We then mosey’d (and I mean mosey’d) back to the flag.


Well we only had 2 minutes left, but we made it work.


  • New name for FNG “The Bern” who was invited by The Mole.
  • Prayers for Voodoo’s son Elliot who broke his arm pretty bad over the weekend, will be tough with Finals this week.
  • Continued prayers for Homeboy’s dad.
  • Prayers for our injured PAX. It was good to see Voodoo back today and Frenchy back on Friday.


  • June 2 F3+FIA+2.0 Beatdown. Some may be gone for vaca.
  • After the team had so much fun up in Blue Ridge, they somehow got another FREE entry for the next race on 9/22. Talk to Westside in you’re interesting.
  • June 16 Amicalola Falls Beatdown. Should be interesting…

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