Bithday Beatdown

AO: The Widow-Maker

When: 05/19/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Nacho, Devito, Mayhem, Special K, Pellets, Springer, Saban, DoSiDo

YHC only turns 36 once in his life.  So I was thinking about the significance of 36 I knew it was a perfect square buy I didn’t want to Q a beatdown with a bunch of sixes either.  So i decided to split the beatdown into three sets of 12s.   Now I was wondering to myself in three sets of 12’s would be tough enough?  Would I need to add anything on to the beatdown to make sure everyone go pushed?  Only time would tell.

The Warmup: Mosey over to the other side of the pitch for 12 SSH’s, Squats, and Merkins.

The thing:  Grab a rock and head back to the pitch for some twelve action.  Starting with Crack’s own Genuine and then run to the other side for merkins.  After finishing the first set of twelves YHC was wondering if we had enough time for the whole beatdown.  Or enough in the tank for three sets.

Mosey over to the widow-maker for our next set of twelves.  Lunges at the bottom and Burpees at the Man Hole cover.    This was brutal for everyone but Mayhem as he crushed it.   This definitely took some time so YHC had to improvise and finish our last set of 12’s at the top of the widow-maker (merkins and LBC’s)

As we were finishing up I noticed that we had run 3.6 miles and we had about 5 minuets left.  Could we get 4 miles in?  I don’t see why not.  So pax took the long way back to the flag stopped once for lunges and once for a few more merkins.  We arrived back to the flag one minute late but finished with 4.15 miles.

COT: Prayers for the families involved in the school shooting in Texas and Georgia.

Moleskin:  T-Claps for the guys that Rucked and then posted for the beatdown.  8+ miles with a bunch of work in between.  Enjoyed celebrating my birthday day with the pax!

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