A Royal Pain!

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 05/19/2018

QIC: Légionnaire

PAX (): Harp, Banjo, FNG (Matador), The Mole, Fleetwood, Yogi, Misty, Kiffin, Floppy, Nomade, Frenchy (Megan for the day), Garfield, Legionnaire

It all started at the crack of dawn as Misty realized the sobering truth… We add more flags to plant than we had PAX posting at the Ruck! (You know you have a problem When…) YHC knew that we were fighting the odds, the DL was getting longer, the Adventure Race was on, YHC caught the “racers” fleeing the AO under cover of darkness to avoid sharing the morning pain, and of course, the dang Royal wedding was on. So our 3 lonely souls (YHC, Harp, Misty) rucked on till daybreak to see how many would answer the call of the gloom.

The Thang

13 PAX answered the call. YHC as any good leader knew to leverage every available asset at his disposal and enrolled the help of a true Proper-Form professional, The Mole, to lead Lunge training for the morning.

Indian Run to every other 1/4 mile marker and perform an increasing set of MARY’s.

Run 1/2 mile + 20 Lunges (to wait for the six)


Run 1/2 mile  + 20 Lunges

20 BBSU, 40 LBC

Run 1/2 mile  + 20 Lunges

20 BBSU, 40 LBC, 60 Squats

Run 1/2 mile  + 20 Lunges

20 BBSU, 40 LBC, 60 Squats, 40 Crunchy Frogs

Run 1/2 mile  + 20 Lunges

20 BBSU, 40 LBC, 60 Squats, 40 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Flutter Kicks

Run 1/2 mile back to the flag

Mo’ MARY to wait for the six and await the 07:00 hour…

Charly Oscar Tango

FIA + 2.0 Beatdown coming up June 2nd.

Amicalola Falls BeatDown Coming up 16 June.

Hire Heroes Awareness Ruck that afternoon: http://www.hireheroesusa.org/

Prayers for Homeboy’s dad who commenced treatment.


Frenchy jogged for the first time to the British national anthem, God Save The Queen, instead of standing at attention… Sorry, blame it on Harry and Megan for messing up our numbers.


What does not kill you – Kelly Clarkson / Walk this way – Aerosmith / Wake me up – Avicii  / I Love It – I Don’t Care / Highway to hell – AC/DC / Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee / Country Roads – Me First & The Gimme Gimmes / God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols / God Save The Queen – British National Anthem  / The British Grenadiers Fife and Drums.

Légionnaire, OUT!

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